Why do you live in an RV?

Because we live in an RV, we are often asked, if we are retired. We are very much still working and Ministry for everyone looks different for each person. So let me tell a little story about a trip we recently returned from. Earlier in the month we moved our home and office on wheels to Yuma, Arizona. I contacted several pastors in planning our trip, however one Pastor asked me to call him “as soon as we got settled in town.”

Two years ago I first visited this church and met with the pastor and leaders. It was obvious that God was about to do some exciting things.

Now this time when I returned the pastor wanted to send several couples with WorldVenture. So he set me up to interview and coach a number of couples looking into career missions in the future. Here is what happened in a week at Grace Bible Fellowship.

First, a couple who are both Doctors, he just finished a D.Min from Dallas Theological Seminary and is applying to go to Sri’ Lanka to teach at the Colombo Theological Seminary. He will also develop CE curriculum and start an MA program for the seminary. His wife is a pediatrician and will be serving in a local hospital, as well as medical work among refugees in the northern part of the country.

The next couple I interviewed is the Music & Worship Leader and also teaches at the local middle school. His wife grew up as a child of missionaries in the Middle East and knows Arabic. They want to serve overseas where he can teach in a school for missionary children and she can help in a church planting effort in the Arabic speaking community.

The next interview was an independent missionary from just across the border in Mexico. He has started 6 churches and the pastor realizes he needs to be connected to a mission agency.

Next the pastor’s son is interested in going to Africa on Journey Corps for a year taking a year out of college. For more information look up; http://myjourneycorps.com/

And finally the pastor himself has asked the church for time off to go to overseas and teach a modular in a Seminary. I also met with some of the leaders, thinking of how to put together a short term trip with long term effectiveness to Sri’ Lanka next December.

All of these interviews came as a result of a little church that wants to be intentional about equipping every member and involving each person in serving the Lord.

This sounds like I spend a lot of time interviewing people wanting to get into missions. I do, and I spend time helping churches to be intentional about their purpose and the result is God is glorified as people serve Him.

Well ministry looks different for each person and we have the privilege of helping both church and individuals get involved overseas.

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