Off the Grid

I’ve had a little project going the last few weeks. Because of our type of ministry, we are finding ourselves increasing at places without adequate hookups. Like Church parking lots, campus parking lots, as well as along the road as we travel from place to place. So with the drop in prices of Solar equipment prices, I have undertaken to get us off the Grid.
It started with totally rewiring our Battery boxes. One of the things that I learned on my quest to accomplish this project is that battery wiring is often overlooked. I upgraded all of the battery cables from a #4 wire to 4/0 cable. This is a significantly larger cable. Then I hooked up a shunt to connect a meter so I could monitor the actual amps and volts.

When the boxes were finished I wired in the Solar Controller. This basically controls the amount of electricity that goes to the battery. Not wanting to overcharge it on a sunny day and wanting to make the most of a cloudy day.

When all of the wiring was done in the basement… I went to the roof.

Moving the panels both into place as well as mounting them in such a way that they will not have a shadow fall on them is very important.

Well it took about 40 hours to get the project finished and when I through the switches… it worked. I went out and pulled the plug and we were off the grid. Except for running the air conditioner and the clothes dryer, we are set up. Thanks for reading about little project, I have simplified the process but I am very pleased with how it turned out.

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