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April 30, 2010

We were parked in the pine forest outside of Flagstaff but yesterday after lunch we realized that it looked like it might snow. So we packed up and moved to a RV park in Flagstaff.

None too we got in snow just moving. It looked like a blizzard was about to hit but then it would stop and clear up and start melting the snow and then do it all over again. It did stop but stayed cold. We were glad to be cozy and safe. I am also getting the laundry done too.

You can’t quite see it snowing here..but I took the picture from the warmth inside..Hah!

Today we have cold but beautiful clear blue sky. We are blessed to enjoy all kinds of weather and still be comfortable. We were a little surprised by this cold temperatures but really we shouldn’t have been.

Kent wanted to meet with several pastors in Flagstaff so we decided to move our house to make it easier. This is the route we planned to take north anyway so it worked out. He has already met with one pastor here and is trying to meet another one. We also hope to see some long time friends too. We plan to be here until Sunday and then start going north again.

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Moving ON

April 28, 2010

We left Phoenix after many goodbyes on Monday April 26th. We only drove about 1 hour as we had planned to stay with Kent’s aunt and uncle in a place called Camp Verde. We parked on their side yard and had a great time. Irma is Kent’s dad’s youngest sister and because Kent’s dad is the oldest it made Kent and Irma only about 4 years apart in age.

We enjoyed getting to know them better. Kent had two pastoral meetings and then Irma took us to Sedona. A beautiful town with lots of red rocks scenery. We also stopped to see a chapel built into the mountainside with a huge cross in the front of it. Very pretty! Also we enjoyed their house and flowers. She has a lot of large purple iris’ in front of her house.

BUT Irma had a rare flower bloom this morning. It is called a Traveling Iris. The flower looks like a miniature Iris and only blooms for one day. We were grateful to see one bloom here.

Before we left this morning we called Kent’s parents, so Dad and his sister could also talk a bit. That was fun! I didn’t get a picture of Terry though. He’d had to leave before I got my camera out.

We left their place this morning and drove only about hour to just outside of Flagstaff. the weather here is a bit cooler as we are now about 7,000 feet in elevation. It is a pretty spot with evergreen trees all around us. In Phoenix there are few evergreens so I am enjoying the smell of pine again.

Kent is trying to meet with a pastor here as well and we have some friends we are trying to connect with too.

We are parked on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land. Anyone can park on this land for up to 14 days free. There are no amenities(no water, electric or sewer) and you carry all trash out with you. We don’t mind as we have fresh water and tanks to hold the others. We do plan on staying at least one night in a RV park with water and electric to wash clothes and empty tanks before heading on down the road.

I am a bit tired out from all of the activity these last few weeks…So I am trying to enjoy having time to answer emails and read a bit. Some quiet type of activities. I do hope you are having a fun spring day.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Saying Goodbye to Friends in Phoenix

April 27, 2010

Whenever we are leaving an area we always have some goodbyes. But we were very blessed to have so many groups of people to say goodbye to. We had people from our church,

Our small group from church

our small group,

those working with us at the college

Phyllis, Rachel and Jan after walking

and other friends to say goodbye to.

Perry and Belinda Baker

Don & Kathy, Bill & Joyce from church

So we have had a lot of eating out but having a great time seeing these special people in our lives.

Saying goodbye is something we have had to do a lot of in our lives. After all of the moves over 30 of them we have made, we know how hard it is. But we were reflecting about how close we became to these dear people while we were here only a short time. We are grateful for good friends that God gives us. We will miss seeing them and yet as they are Christians we will be seeing them again someday.

I also got a fun ride on a TRYKE. That is a motorcycle that has three wheels. One of the couples in our small group John and Loretta have one. He was willing to give me a ride. I had such fun doing that…Thanks John & Loretta for allowing me to go.

I also finished my work on the flowers for the college. I did a final fertilization so that they would continue to grow and they looked really pretty when I took these pictures a few days ago.

This blue Lobellia is one of my favorite flowers. It especially looks good next to the white alysum and yellow pansies.

A view of the full flower boxes


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


April 20, 2010

I wanted to give you an update on what we did in Tucson. It was a great week. We loved our place of encampment this time. It had lots of vegetation around it.

Parked near Tucson in the desert

We did already talk about the time with supporters/friends at Sabino Canyon. I was sent a picture of Kent at Seven Falls. He and our friend Don climbed about 4 1/2 miles to the Falls and then back. It was quite a hike for them.

Kent at Seven Falls

Kent at Top of Seven Falls

We did get out for several shorter hikes also. the countryside around Tucson has a lot of Saguaro cactus. Those are the kind like in this picture that most people think of as a cactus. Saguaros live many years, perhaps as many as 60 before getting their first arm. So the tall one without arms is the same kind.

Saguaro cactus and Ocotillo cactus

Saguaro cactus and Ocotillo cactus

But actually there are 2,000 different types of cacti. That is surely a lot. Here are a few pictures of more saguaro. And beside the large saguaro is one that looks a bit like leaves on sticks. That one is called Ocotillo. It is very pretty when the oranges blossoms grow on the end of the sticks.

Tucson and the surrounding area is known for multitudes of Saguaro cacti. there is a National Park there to protect them. They only are one place on earth and that is in our own SouthWest Desert.

Valley of Saguaros

Valley of Saguaros

We also had several visits with a couple of missionaries and a recently retired couple who is interested in serving with WorldVenture. We also one night got to go to a very interesting presentation at El Camino Church. It was called the Living Last Supper. It was 13 men who portrayed the Michelangelo’s portrait. it was very well done with the men doing monologues of how they met Jesus and about their time with him. The church had a choir and orchestra that was also very good. They posed at the end for us to take a picture.

Living Last supper

Living Last Supper

We also had one cloudy day that we just stayed around our house and read and relaxed. We had a campfire and even cooked our supper over the open fire that night. I always enjoy having a fire when we are able to. Sorry No picture of that. I will try to think of that the next time!

So that was our week in Tucson.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Happy Easter!

April 9, 2010

Happy Easter!

I love Easter! We were back at our church in Phoenix for the entire weekend. We actually were camped with others there Friday and Saturday nights. Our church holds a 24 hour prayer time and we all were there for some security to those that came during the night. as well as to pray ourselves.
Easter Weekend '10 at North Mountain church

Our church also held an early breakfast for the community and a fun time for the children while the ladies cleaned up from the breakfast. Then our service started. We had wonderful worship time including the children singing for us. The children are so fun to watch.

Children's choir for Easter

The cross in the front of the church was beautifully decorated and we had a great message.

Cross in  the front of our church Easter '10

Our pastor gave the gospel and invited those there to accept Jesus gift. We had many visitors as well.

I also got someone to snap a picture of us too!

Kent and Jan Easter '10

After the service, Kent and I had been invited to have dinner with two couples. We had a delicious, bountiful dinner. After wards we visited and then all watched the DVD of Blind Side. That is a great movie and I like ones that are based on true stories. I can recommend this one.

We got back to our RV and then moved it back to the college. So we are back on the campus and I am back to taking care of the flowers. They are growing so fast now and needing care almost every day now.

I will write later about the rest of our time in Tucson.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers