Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I love Easter! We were back at our church in Phoenix for the entire weekend. We actually were camped with others there Friday and Saturday nights. Our church holds a 24 hour prayer time and we all were there for some security to those that came during the night. as well as to pray ourselves.
Easter Weekend '10 at North Mountain church

Our church also held an early breakfast for the community and a fun time for the children while the ladies cleaned up from the breakfast. Then our service started. We had wonderful worship time including the children singing for us. The children are so fun to watch.

Children's choir for Easter

The cross in the front of the church was beautifully decorated and we had a great message.

Cross in  the front of our church Easter '10

Our pastor gave the gospel and invited those there to accept Jesus gift. We had many visitors as well.

I also got someone to snap a picture of us too!

Kent and Jan Easter '10

After the service, Kent and I had been invited to have dinner with two couples. We had a delicious, bountiful dinner. After wards we visited and then all watched the DVD of Blind Side. That is a great movie and I like ones that are based on true stories. I can recommend this one.

We got back to our RV and then moved it back to the college. So we are back on the campus and I am back to taking care of the flowers. They are growing so fast now and needing care almost every day now.

I will write later about the rest of our time in Tucson.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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