Saying Goodbye to Friends in Phoenix

Whenever we are leaving an area we always have some goodbyes. But we were very blessed to have so many groups of people to say goodbye to. We had people from our church,

Our small group from church

our small group,

those working with us at the college

Phyllis, Rachel and Jan after walking

and other friends to say goodbye to.

Perry and Belinda Baker

Don & Kathy, Bill & Joyce from church

So we have had a lot of eating out but having a great time seeing these special people in our lives.

Saying goodbye is something we have had to do a lot of in our lives. After all of the moves over 30 of them we have made, we know how hard it is. But we were reflecting about how close we became to these dear people while we were here only a short time. We are grateful for good friends that God gives us. We will miss seeing them and yet as they are Christians we will be seeing them again someday.

I also got a fun ride on a TRYKE. That is a motorcycle that has three wheels. One of the couples in our small group John and Loretta have one. He was willing to give me a ride. I had such fun doing that…Thanks John & Loretta for allowing me to go.

I also finished my work on the flowers for the college. I did a final fertilization so that they would continue to grow and they looked really pretty when I took these pictures a few days ago.

This blue Lobellia is one of my favorite flowers. It especially looks good next to the white alysum and yellow pansies.

A view of the full flower boxes


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to Friends in Phoenix”

  1. Rachel Says:

    What lovely pictures of your beautiful flowers. The girls were working in the flowers today and the weather is going to cool down for a few days which will help the flowers.
    We all miss you already and are so thankful to hear from you. We’ll be anxious to keep in touch.
    We’re praying for God’s VERY BEST for both of you as you serve Him so willingly.

    Blessings to you from R & R


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