Moving ON

We left Phoenix after many goodbyes on Monday April 26th. We only drove about 1 hour as we had planned to stay with Kent’s aunt and uncle in a place called Camp Verde. We parked on their side yard and had a great time. Irma is Kent’s dad’s youngest sister and because Kent’s dad is the oldest it made Kent and Irma only about 4 years apart in age.

We enjoyed getting to know them better. Kent had two pastoral meetings and then Irma took us to Sedona. A beautiful town with lots of red rocks scenery. We also stopped to see a chapel built into the mountainside with a huge cross in the front of it. Very pretty! Also we enjoyed their house and flowers. She has a lot of large purple iris’ in front of her house.

BUT Irma had a rare flower bloom this morning. It is called a Traveling Iris. The flower looks like a miniature Iris and only blooms for one day. We were grateful to see one bloom here.

Before we left this morning we called Kent’s parents, so Dad and his sister could also talk a bit. That was fun! I didn’t get a picture of Terry though. He’d had to leave before I got my camera out.

We left their place this morning and drove only about hour to just outside of Flagstaff. the weather here is a bit cooler as we are now about 7,000 feet in elevation. It is a pretty spot with evergreen trees all around us. In Phoenix there are few evergreens so I am enjoying the smell of pine again.

Kent is trying to meet with a pastor here as well and we have some friends we are trying to connect with too.

We are parked on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Land. Anyone can park on this land for up to 14 days free. There are no amenities(no water, electric or sewer) and you carry all trash out with you. We don’t mind as we have fresh water and tanks to hold the others. We do plan on staying at least one night in a RV park with water and electric to wash clothes and empty tanks before heading on down the road.

I am a bit tired out from all of the activity these last few weeks…So I am trying to enjoy having time to answer emails and read a bit. Some quiet type of activities. I do hope you are having a fun spring day.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Moving ON”

  1. Nick Says:

    I love the picture of the rig in the woods!


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