We were parked in the pine forest outside of Flagstaff but yesterday after lunch we realized that it looked like it might snow. So we packed up and moved to a RV park in Flagstaff.

None too soon..as we got in snow just moving. It looked like a blizzard was about to hit but then it would stop and clear up and start melting the snow and then do it all over again. It did stop but stayed cold. We were glad to be cozy and safe. I am also getting the laundry done too.

You can’t quite see it snowing here..but I took the picture from the warmth inside..Hah!

Today we have cold but beautiful clear blue sky. We are blessed to enjoy all kinds of weather and still be comfortable. We were a little surprised by this cold temperatures but really we shouldn’t have been.

Kent wanted to meet with several pastors in Flagstaff so we decided to move our house to make it easier. This is the route we planned to take north anyway so it worked out. He has already met with one pastor here and is trying to meet another one. We also hope to see some long time friends too. We plan to be here until Sunday and then start going north again.

Love Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Flagstaff”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Isn’t it nice to see snow from “the inside”! Glad you moved so quickly and are now enjoying the warmth of your home as you get your laundry done.
    The weather has been BEAUTIFUL the last couple of cool days but will start warming up again. We’re ready for anything!
    Blessings from R & R


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