Camping with our daughter and son-in-law

We came back to Denver on Tuesday and have been hanging out with Kara and Nick. We also needed to see some other friends and Kent had several meetings at WorldVenture.

Kara is done with her teaching for this school year and her classes that she is taking are also done. So we were able to spend Friday together. Kara and Nick had asked us to go “camping” with them and several friends over Memorial Day weekend.

Now you must understand that they go camping a lot and it is most often primitive camping. That means, they have to dig their own latrine, fire pit and carry all their own water. So there are no facilities at all! We do like to camp with our RV house but…their style is a bit more primitive than we like. And we had not tented for a long time, so we considered it because we love spending time with them…but we were hesitant. Well, they had some friends that we going to come later on to camp and so they could lend us a tent and sleeping bags and some warmer clothes. So we decided to go for Friday night as their friends were coming for Saturday night.

We had a wonderful time! We only drove about 1 hour outside of Denver and found a very nice large spot as there were going to be at least three tents and maybe more. We had lunch and then starting putting up the tents. In less than an hour we had all the tent up and unloaded the cars and were looking for firewood. Actually Kent and Nick had found a huge find of firewood. The Forest service had put in a fire road nearby and so there was lots of downed wood there for the taking. Nick had brought his chainsaw and he had lots of fun sawing and splitting the wood. Kent helped him too as you can see here.

Kent and Nick cutting firewood

Here we are in front of our borrowed tent. Cozy but good!

The others were from Kara and Nick’s church group and we had meet them before. Elsa is a delightful person and she and I had some long talks. Here we are sitting around enjoying the beautiful scenery God has created.

The group sitting and relaxing

Kent gets in a nap.

Kent taking a nap

Kent gets a hug from Kara.

Kent and Kara

These are wonderful memories of this weekend! We had great time and are grateful to God for yet another time to gather memories. I had such a nice time that I kept forgetting to take pictures.

We left them Saturday afternoon as we had agreed to meet our dear friends Don and Karen for dinner Saturday night. We had a great visit last night and ended our time here with another good memory!

We drive today, Sunday to Grand Junction, Colorado to our RV House and back on the road with it! I must say that after sleeping in a variety of different beds we are very ready for our own. We leave on Monday morning moving towards Boise, Idaho.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us.
Love Jan from the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Camping with our daughter and son-in-law”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Thanks for the update and the wonderful pictures. I must say you were very brave to go camping “in the woods”. We’ve only done that once since we have “Stormy”, and it, too, was with our daughter, son-in-law, and their friends who “showed us the ropes”. We, too, were glad to get back to sleeping in “Stormy” instead of on sleeping bags on the ground. Would you say “age” has something to do with that?????


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