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Good friends stop by for a visit

June 28, 2010

Our friends Mike and Daylene have been on a long trip to Alaska with Daylene’s mom. They were on their way home and we were so glad that they stopped by to visit for two days. They also brought their 4 little Shih tzu dogs. We have known them since 1979 and they have so faithfully supported our ministry all that time as well.

Daylene, her mom and Jan and one dog

Here are two of the dogs waiting to leave.

Dogs waiting patiently

It sure it fun when we have friends stop by.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

THANKS for praying!

June 12, 2010

We arrived at our new place here in Idaho at MAF headquarters on Monday night. Here we are:

Parked at MAF HQ

This week MAF had their annual Family conference. When I saw who was speaking to the group I was so excited. It is person that we met many years ago, about 33 years now. Dr Shepson was a pastor when we first met him in Vancouver, CA. He has since founded and oversees a ministry for people in ministry that need a safe place to “heal”. We had lost track of him about 15 years ago.

When we went to re-introduce ourselves, the first thing he said…”we’ve been praying for you all these years!” I was so encouraged but also so humbled by that. I do pray that he and many others do not stop praying for we surely need it still. THANKS to all who pray for us.

Dr & Mrs Shepson and us

His first wife had passed away and so we were privileged to meet his new wife. God has continued to use him and we are so encouraged in hearing some of those ways.

I was feeling a bit unsettled as we are in a new place and I don’t have any “roots” here…and God gave us a connection even though Dr Shepson does not live here, but had come to speak to the group. It was just God’s way of giving me encouragement. He exhorted us to “Obey God in the very little details of life and God will direct and bless you.” So now I have a new challenge. Maybe you will be challenged too! I do pray that God will encourage you in some very specific way today too.

Love for Jan of the Roaming Reimers

A weekend of blessing

June 9, 2010

Let me back up a little and tell you about our weekend as God really blessed us. Kent had talked to a pastor John in a small town several hours from Nampa, Idaho. Kent had called this pastor and he was so friendly that we felt very welcomed. We arrived on Friday night and Kent got involved right away as the church was doing a re-construction project. So Kent helped them paint that night.

We met John and his wife and had such a nice time visiting. We felt that we really connected with them. They also invited us to have dinner on Saturday night, which we did. Kent spoke at the church on Sunday morning and did a good job. We had dinner together with the pastor and family and also attended a small group Bible Study with them. It was a very fun and full weekend.

We so appreciated John and his wife. We felt the church reminded us of the church we pastored in Alaska. It was so fun to be there and to see the excitement the people exhibited. God used this church to encourage us of the ministry that He wants us to have in this part of the country this summer.

On Monday we continued on “down the road”. Wearrived at Nampa, Idaho. It is sort of a suburb of Boise the capital. This was our destination since we left Phoenix, Arizona in the end of April. So we have been more or less “on the road” since then.

We are currently parked at Mission Aviation Fellowship’s headquarters. They do all kinds of missionary work around the world. They are known for being the plane to get missionaries and their supplies to the far out places that they are ministering in. We have known of this organization for many years. Some of Kent’s fellow Moody Aviation graduates are and have been with this organization. We had heard that there was a small RV park here for volunteers. So it looks like we will be parked here for the summer. We are actually parked beside some friends that we made at SouthWestern College. A family with three young girls. They are also volunteers there and here. So it is nice to have some friends here already. Pictures next time.

May God continue to bless you today!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A Mother Remembers

June 7, 2010

Today is our son’s 30th birthday!

I can hardly believe it! It still seems like only a few years ago he was born but I do know better than that. Josh was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Josh was born at 7 months. Yes, he was 2 months early and spent 4 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It was so hard to have our longed for child and then have to leave him at the hospital every day. But he was getting excellent care and for that we have always been thankful!

Josh spent a month in the hospital gaining weight and getting healthier. Finally we were able to bring him home. A month later, we made a life altering decision to move and minister in Southeast Alaska.

We pastored a church there and Kent flew out to logging camps and fishing villages and got a church started in one of the towns. We loved living there and have wonderful memories!

Josh at 14 months

Josh and Dad while living in Alaska Age 2 1/2

We lived there for 4 years and Josh’s sister Kara was born there.

Josh with baby sister Kara

After 4 years in Alaska we went back to Brazil and lived there for 4 years. We loved living in Brazil and being missionaries there.

Our family in Brazil

Josh and Kara while living in Brazil

Since then we have lived in many different places around the United States. Josh has had a variety of experiences in his life.

Josh as a teenager with Kara

He graduated from High School in 1999 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Josh and Mom at High school graduation party

He also lived in Belfast, N Ireland for 3 years studying and doing missionary work. He did extensive travel throughout Europe and even N. Africa. Now he lives in the Michigan with his wife Teresa and son Silas.

Josh and Teresa on their wedding day

Josh, Teresa and Silas

We are so grateful for our wonderful son, Josh. He is a good son, husband and father. He is a hard worker and is currently also working full time but going to college to finish his Bachelor’s as well.

Kent, Silas and Josh

We love spending time with Josh and his wife Teresa and son Silas. We count every moment as special.

Josh, Teresa and Silas November 2009

And we were privileged to have almost 2 weeks with them in May. Thank you God for a wonderful Son! May God bless you today, Josh on your 30th birthday!

Love from


Traveling in Colorado & Utah

June 2, 2010

Kent and I left Denver for Grand Junction and decided we’d take the scenic route. We drove on the West Elk Loop Scenic byway. It led through Curecanti Recreation Area to Blue Mesa area and on to Gunnison. The whole drive we enjoyed immensely! The mountains were very pretty and also the beauty of spring coming to the mountains was so colorful. I love the mountains and feel greatly refreshed at the end of time spent in the mountains.

Here are some of the scenes that we saw.

Spring in the Rocky Mountains

Mountains with evergreen trees and Aspens

Monarch Pass at 11, 312 feet & Continental divide

Beautiful Dillon Pinnacles and Morrow reservoir

Here is the Blue Mesa Dam on the Gunnison River. The dam is an earthen dam that is 390 feet deep. It was an awesome sight. My father helped to build an earthen dam in Pennsylvania. So I could appreciate this sight more than some people would have.

Blue Mesa Dam and Reservoir

We had followed the Gunnison River for a lot of our drive and after this dam it was way down in the valley, as you can see here.

Gunnison River at the bottom of Blue Mesa Dam

Another Mountain view

Aspens in the Spring

We were so glad to see Kent’s uncle Marlo and Judy again as well. We were able to spend Memorial Day with them as well. That was an extra blessing.

After 3 weeks gone from our RV house it sure was nice to see our house sitting there and doing fine. I could hardly wait to get inside and see my house!

We drove off on Tuesday and today we are in a RV park in the southern part of Salt Lake City. Lots of Utah is beautiful and most of the National Parks are in the southern part of Utah. We are bit north of all of that beauty today but here is our view today. Now that is one reason we have a house on wheels! Maybe some of you should come and roam with us sometime?!

Wasatch Mountains

Jan for the Roaming Reimers