Traveling in Colorado & Utah

Kent and I left Denver for Grand Junction and decided we’d take the scenic route. We drove on the West Elk Loop Scenic byway. It led through Curecanti Recreation Area to Blue Mesa area and on to Gunnison. The whole drive we enjoyed immensely! The mountains were very pretty and also the beauty of spring coming to the mountains was so colorful. I love the mountains and feel greatly refreshed at the end of time spent in the mountains.

Here are some of the scenes that we saw.

Spring in the Rocky Mountains

Mountains with evergreen trees and Aspens

Monarch Pass at 11, 312 feet & Continental divide

Beautiful Dillon Pinnacles and Morrow reservoir

Here is the Blue Mesa Dam on the Gunnison River. The dam is an earthen dam that is 390 feet deep. It was an awesome sight. My father helped to build an earthen dam in Pennsylvania. So I could appreciate this sight more than some people would have.

Blue Mesa Dam and Reservoir

We had followed the Gunnison River for a lot of our drive and after this dam it was way down in the valley, as you can see here.

Gunnison River at the bottom of Blue Mesa Dam

Another Mountain view

Aspens in the Spring

We were so glad to see Kent’s uncle Marlo and Judy again as well. We were able to spend Memorial Day with them as well. That was an extra blessing.

After 3 weeks gone from our RV house it sure was nice to see our house sitting there and doing fine. I could hardly wait to get inside and see my house!

We drove off on Tuesday and today we are in a RV park in the southern part of Salt Lake City. Lots of Utah is beautiful and most of the National Parks are in the southern part of Utah. We are bit north of all of that beauty today but here is our view today. Now that is one reason we have a house on wheels! Maybe some of you should come and roam with us sometime?!

Wasatch Mountains

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Traveling in Colorado & Utah”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful photos. Can hardly wait to get there ourselves which won’t be until September. Sorry you couldn’t stay at the Blue Mesa Ranch Resort. Hope your friends get to invite you again.


  2. RoamingReimers Says:

    Dear Cathy,
    I am glad that you like my site.


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