A Mother Remembers

Today is our son’s 30th birthday!

I can hardly believe it! It still seems like only a few years ago he was born but I do know better than that. Josh was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Josh was born at 7 months. Yes, he was 2 months early and spent 4 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It was so hard to have our longed for child and then have to leave him at the hospital every day. But he was getting excellent care and for that we have always been thankful!

Josh spent a month in the hospital gaining weight and getting healthier. Finally we were able to bring him home. A month later, we made a life altering decision to move and minister in Southeast Alaska.

We pastored a church there and Kent flew out to logging camps and fishing villages and got a church started in one of the towns. We loved living there and have wonderful memories!

Josh at 14 months

Josh and Dad while living in Alaska Age 2 1/2

We lived there for 4 years and Josh’s sister Kara was born there.

Josh with baby sister Kara

After 4 years in Alaska we went back to Brazil and lived there for 4 years. We loved living in Brazil and being missionaries there.

Our family in Brazil

Josh and Kara while living in Brazil

Since then we have lived in many different places around the United States. Josh has had a variety of experiences in his life.

Josh as a teenager with Kara

He graduated from High School in 1999 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Josh and Mom at High school graduation party

He also lived in Belfast, N Ireland for 3 years studying and doing missionary work. He did extensive travel throughout Europe and even N. Africa. Now he lives in the Michigan with his wife Teresa and son Silas.

Josh and Teresa on their wedding day

Josh, Teresa and Silas

We are so grateful for our wonderful son, Josh. He is a good son, husband and father. He is a hard worker and is currently also working full time but going to college to finish his Bachelor’s as well.

Kent, Silas and Josh

We love spending time with Josh and his wife Teresa and son Silas. We count every moment as special.

Josh, Teresa and Silas November 2009

And we were privileged to have almost 2 weeks with them in May. Thank you God for a wonderful Son! May God bless you today, Josh on your 30th birthday!

Love from


4 Responses to “A Mother Remembers”

  1. Kara Moseley Says:

    Wow, I know the big 3-0. . . Love the post mom!!!!


  2. Vickie Says:

    I loved reading this “history” of Josh’s life, some of which brought back memories to me of your prayer letters back then. Great seeing the pictures, too! Thanks!



  3. Josh Says:

    You did a really good job, mom. That was really thoughtful. Thanks! Teresa thought it was pretty cool too.


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