A weekend of blessing

Let me back up a little and tell you about our weekend as God really blessed us. Kent had talked to a pastor John in a small town several hours from Nampa, Idaho. Kent had called this pastor and he was so friendly that we felt very welcomed. We arrived on Friday night and Kent got involved right away as the church was doing a re-construction project. So Kent helped them paint that night.

We met John and his wife and had such a nice time visiting. We felt that we really connected with them. They also invited us to have dinner on Saturday night, which we did. Kent spoke at the church on Sunday morning and did a good job. We had dinner together with the pastor and family and also attended a small group Bible Study with them. It was a very fun and full weekend.

We so appreciated John and his wife. We felt the church reminded us of the church we pastored in Alaska. It was so fun to be there and to see the excitement the people exhibited. God used this church to encourage us of the ministry that He wants us to have in this part of the country this summer.

On Monday we continued on “down the road”. Wearrived at Nampa, Idaho. It is sort of a suburb of Boise the capital. This was our destination since we left Phoenix, Arizona in the end of April. So we have been more or less “on the road” since then.

We are currently parked at Mission Aviation Fellowship’s headquarters. They do all kinds of missionary work around the world. They are known for being the plane to get missionaries and their supplies to the far out places that they are ministering in. We have known of this organization for many years. Some of Kent’s fellow Moody Aviation graduates are and have been with this organization. We had heard that there was a small RV park here for volunteers. So it looks like we will be parked here for the summer. We are actually parked beside some friends that we made at SouthWestern College. A family with three young girls. They are also volunteers there and here. So it is nice to have some friends here already. Pictures next time.

May God continue to bless you today!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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