THANKS for praying!

We arrived at our new place here in Idaho at MAF headquarters on Monday night. Here we are:

Parked at MAF HQ

This week MAF had their annual Family conference. When I saw who was speaking to the group I was so excited. It is person that we met many years ago, about 33 years now. Dr Shepson was a pastor when we first met him in Vancouver, CA. He has since founded and oversees a ministry for people in ministry that need a safe place to “heal”. We had lost track of him about 15 years ago.

When we went to re-introduce ourselves, the first thing he said…”we’ve been praying for you all these years!” I was so encouraged but also so humbled by that. I do pray that he and many others do not stop praying for we surely need it still. THANKS to all who pray for us.

Dr & Mrs Shepson and us

His first wife had passed away and so we were privileged to meet his new wife. God has continued to use him and we are so encouraged in hearing some of those ways.

I was feeling a bit unsettled as we are in a new place and I don’t have any “roots” here…and God gave us a connection even though Dr Shepson does not live here, but had come to speak to the group. It was just God’s way of giving me encouragement. He exhorted us to “Obey God in the very little details of life and God will direct and bless you.” So now I have a new challenge. Maybe you will be challenged too! I do pray that God will encourage you in some very specific way today too.

Love for Jan of the Roaming Reimers

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