Independence Day Memories

We are staying in Nampa, Idaho for this July 4th weekend. We will go “camping” later in the month when there may be less people.

As I was working today I was thinking back over the years that Kent and I have celebrated July 4th. Here are some of my musings.

Our second year of marriage, we lived in Tennessee for Kent to attend Moody Aviation. That was 1976, and there was a huge celebration in Philadelphia for the bicentennial since our country became a country. We watched some of the festivities on TV as we could not be there in person. That was a good reminder of our freedoms as a country.

We did celebrate July 4th while living in Brazil. Although it sure feels funny to want to celebrate and only your few American friends even understand.

But I would say the most memorable celebration of July 4th was in 1988. We had just come back into the US after 4 years living in Brazil. We were with Kent’s brother and his family in St Louis, Missouri. That city has a huge celebration that lasts for several days. There was a fair like atmosphere with rides and lots of booths selling fair stuff. There also was an Air Show with the prominent airplane being the Harrier. We had never seen it in action and with Kent being a pilot we really enjoyed that part. It was amazing that a jet could “Hover”. Now of course there are much bigger and different airplanes. But that was one of our fun memories.

We enjoyed all the fair type food and what was really funny was that a TV crew happened along when our families were eating. They asked us where we came from for the fair…well, we answered honestly “Brazil!” They decided to tape us eating and put it on the evening news, as we were the foreign visitors. Hah!

So we were enjoying this thoroughly American event after years of being out of the country. BUT the best thing was the fireworks sitting under the arch and having the fireworks framed in the Arch with a live Orchestra playing Patriotic music in the background. We especially loved the song “I’m Proud to be an America by Lee Greenwood. As they played that song I cried. I was so happy to be back in MY Country and to be allowed to be proud of what I am, An American. After the years in Brazil where I had to watch what I said about America etc. It was such a treat! I hope you can understand how we all felt at that moment. Very special memories!

We also had great memories from our years in Kansas City, Missouri. We had a very good celebration just a few miles from our house. They held a concert of all kinds of music and also honored all branches of the service as they played their song. It was fun when one year one of our kid’s friends had just come from boot camp with the Marines and he got to stand up for his service. Then when it got dark enough the town held a very good 40 minute long fireworks display while the orchestra played patriotic music throughout.

So now you know some of my memories as I was thinking about these July 4th celebrations that stood out in our memories. I do pray that you will find some way to celebrate, and most of all remember to thank God that you live in this great country. May God Bless you and America.

Happy July 4th,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Independence Day Memories”

  1. Karen Hostetler Says:

    I enjoyed reading about your memories. Thanks for sharing!


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