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Where are you parked now?

August 31, 2010

I was asked that a few days ago and I realized that I never have really done a blog about that. So here goes. We are parked in Nampa, Idaho near the airport and MAF, which stands for Mission Aviation Fellowship. This is where their headquarters are located. We have known about MAF for years ever since Kent was in aviation school. Many of his fellow students, some of them good friends went with MAF around the world. If you want to know more about MAF please check them out at:

MAF mostly flies missionaries in remote areas of the world. That is how the mission started and in recent years they are doing more and more humanitarian work, such as taking supplies into Haiti, Indonesia and other places when there is a natural disaster. They also have launched into learning technologies. That is helping people from all over the world to be able to learn in their language. With the internet and satellites there is so much more available for anyone.

Here are the MAF buildings

MAF sign

MAF front of main building

MAF main building

You might ask but why are you and Kent parked there?

We came to this area because the leadership at WorldVenture asked us to come here to try to contact and engage churches locally. So we were looking for a good place to park our RV house. MAF has a lot of volunteers come through the summer. They have a very nice RV park for the volunteers that come here in their RVs.

The RV park at MAF

Our house parked at MAF RV park

I love being outside and so offered to weed their landscaping and have helped some with some mowing as well. So that is what I have done all summer.

Here is some of what I have cared for all summer

Landscaping at MAF


Weeding at MAF


Mowing at MAF

The volunteers give 30 hours of work for the mission between the couple. Kent and I both do some work here. Kent has been able to work on planes again.He has really enjoyed that too. He works on Mondays as most pastors are not available then.

Kent working on a plane door

Kent working in MAF hangar

A few of the airplanes in the hangar

Airplane in the MAF hangar

So we felt it would be a good place for us to park and be able to help another good mission organization as well as be where WorldVenture wanted us to be. So it helps us being here as we then do not need to pay for our site. And since right now we are a bit behind in support it helps us in that way too. So God supplies this very nice spot for us and we have made many new friends here among the staff, other volunteers and at our adopted church in the area too. Kent has spoken at several meetings and churches in the area as well. He has met many pastors and shared the vision of WorldVenture.

So now you can see how God has blessed us this summer. Living in a RV house allows us to be versatile.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers still in Idaho


August 22, 2010

This week we had two wonderful visits!! Our good friends from Phoenix, Arizona, Don and Kathy came for two nights. We had a great time showing them around Nampa and where we are living. Don and Kathy love missions as their son is with WorldVenture in Africa. So we have lots in common with them. We had lots of laughing and taught them a new game. We really felt encouraged as they left.

Don and Kathy

We had another treat this week. Kent has some first cousins that live in this area. We have gotten together with them a few times. We are just getting re-acquainted with these cousins. So this week some other first cousins from Seattle area came to visit. So we got to see 4 of them all together in one place. How neat! We know that God wants us to keep reaching out to all of our family and many others. We were encouraged by these cousins especially when we realized one is a believer in Christ as well.

First cousins

Did you note the fact that God encouraged us? I was particularly in need of that this week. God brought people into my life to do that. May God encourage you today!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Two important family events

August 21, 2010

Last Saturday, 32 years ago our son-in-law, Nicolas Moseley was born. He married our daughter Kara in 2006 and they live in Littleton, Colorado.

Nick and Kara

Nick does computer security for a Real Estate Investment Trust. He has an important and busy job. He could use your prayers for him in his job. Nick also has a real sense of humor and likes to goof.. He loves his kitty,” Bean” too. She likes to hide under things and does a good job of begging for food too, but she is a real part of the family now.

Bean hiding out

He is a serious photographer and does a great job. He has some great pictures at: We got to see them in May and even went camping with them. Yes, truly camping, such as sleeping in a tent. Fun, Fun!

The other important family event was that our son, Josh and wife Teresa just celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary. Here is a picture of them at a cousin’s wedding in May.

Josh and Teresa at Dannis wedding

They live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and are doing great. Each time we are with them we enjoy them even more. Both of them are enjoying some time off school (College and Masters degree work) during August. They both get back to pretty busy schedules in September. They both work as well so life is full.

Josh and Teresa

It is great to see the wonderful parents they are to our almost 5-year-old grandson Silas. What a special blessing to be able to see them in May for almost 2 weeks. Silas will be in Kindergarten in a few weeks. Wow, where has the time gone?

Josh, Teresa and Silas

We love our kids and are so proud of all of them. They are all growing in their relationships and in love with God as well. We praise God for the good choices they are making and pray for them each and every day! We only miss seeing them more often especially for these occasions. God does give us some special moments as we all had in May of this year. I am thankful for each and every visit.

May God Bless you today!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers now in Idaho