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Visiting relatives and old freinds

September 29, 2010

We are still in Yakima, Washington. Kent actually has two cousins here. One of them is a first cousin on his mom’s side, Marilyn and her husband Lloyd. They took us out to eat at a very nice local restaurant. It was good to get to know them better.

Marilyn and Lloyd

Kent’s other cousin here is from his dad’s side of the family. We met Arlene and her husband when Stan went to Moody Aviation with Kent. They served overseas in Zaire and have worked for another couple from our Moody Aviation days since here in Yakima.

Stan and Arlene

Jim also graduated for Moody Aviation and with his wife Sue have served overseas in Venezuela and then settled in Yakima. Jim started a company that manufactures planes called CubCrafters. Check out their web site at: There are some great pictures there of the different planes they build.

Cubcrafters sign

Here is the group of us..minus Kent who took the picture

Richmonds and Frantz Sept 2010

Jim took Kent and I for a tour of his facilities today. Wow! I was amazed at how these planes go together. Kent of course knows much more than me. Almost all of their parts are made in this facility and then assembled into the lightweight planes they sell. It was fun to see and to see how the Lord has blessed the company and the family.

Jim explains something to Kent

The frame of a plane.

Sue also is quite busy with her own business. She owns and operates a Christian bookstore called Inklings. A wonderful store that has so many things it was so hard to not spend hours in there today. I didn’t take pictures at her store but check out her web site is:

Sue R and Jan Sept 2010

So if you are in the Yakima area look up these businesses and let our friends know you know us. We are so thrilled to be able to re-connect with friends and family as we travel through. It is one of the blessings of having our house with wheels on it.

May God bless you today!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

“On the road again”

September 29, 2010

We arrived in Spokane, Washington and spent from Thursday until this morning there. We came for a citywide missions conference that was Friday afternoon and evening and all day on Saturday.

We met many people and talked to a lot of couples and singles that were interested in serving overseas and some of them would be a fit with WorldVenture. It was an enjoyable time and exhausting too. We were on our feet for 12 hours on Saturday. So we are glad we don’t have to do this as much as we used to.

Our house was parked at a church that we attended when we were living in Spokane two summers ago. So it was fun to renew friendships. We also got to spend Sunday afternoon with Denny and Brenda that had allowed us to park our house in their back yard in 2008. We had a good visit catching up on their lives too. Their grandchildren were with them as their daughter and son-in-law were in Indonesia on a missions trip.

Denny and Brenda

Denny and Brenda

We left Spokane this morning and have driven west and a bit south to Yakima, Washington. So we drove through eastern Washington. Now, most of you think of wet and green when you think of Washington state. That is true in Seattle and the western part of the state BUT a large part of the state is actually more high desert conditions. So they have to irrigate to grow crops here. Also it is fairly flat for a large portion and then it gets hilly and then eventually you will see mountains and go over them. I took some pictures while I some are better than others. Please forgive any fuzziness as I thought you’d like to “see” the countryside that we drove in.

We drove through the flat lands today

Flat lands

We saw farms

Farm in Eastern Washington

Then drove through some hills

Hilly country in Eastern WA

As you might be able to tell I am driving the little white car and following Kent driving the truck and RV…so I get this view of the back end of the house a lot, but I don’t mind.

More hills

Hilly country in eastern WA

At the top of one of the hills there were dozens of modern windmills and they were just really moving. This is a very windy area so definitely a good place for them.

Windmills in Eastern Wa

Then we drove across the beautiful Columbia river.

Columbia River near Yakima, WA

This is a picture looking down into the Yakima valley area. This area is known for their fruit and especially their apples and pears.

Yakima Valley

We had a great day driving in Eastern Washington

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Happy birthday to our Grandson

September 24, 2010

Our grandson, Silas turns 5 today. I can hardly believe it or realize that he is already that old. It is one of the milestones in a young life. He also started Kindergarten a few weeks ago. Wow!

Of course I have some fun pictures of him through these five years. Please enjoy them with me.

When he was a few weeks old I took this picture of him sleeping peacefully.

Baby silas sleeping

Grandpa and Silas enjoying each other

Grandpa and Silas enjoying each other

Grandma and Grandpa playing with Silas

Grandpa & Grandma with Silas

Our son and his son both all dressed up for Kara’s wedding

Josh and Silas at Kara's wedding

I do like to read to him and we did start reading when he was little

Grandma reading to young Silas

Aunt Kara has a good touch in getting Silas to sleep too

Grandpa and Silas

Great grandpa Reimer and Silas

Great Grandpa Reimer and Silas

Great Grandma Reimer and Silas about 3 years old

Great Grandma Reimer and Silas

He and I are very happy to be together

Silas Hugging Grandma

He loves his “Unca” Nick our son-in-law

Silas and Unca Nick

Aunt Kara and Silas snuggle

Silas and Aunt Kara snuggling

Several favorite pictures

Grandpa and Silas watching a kite

3 Generations

Josh , Teresa and Silas at our house in Denver

Silas in his red hoodie

He has a very ready smile…especially when grandpa plays with him

Silas and Grandpa playing with Legos

Silas smiling in Canada

Silas at about 1 year old

Silas loves his grandpa “big truck”

He sure loves his mommy too

Silas loves his mommy

Josh, Teresa and Silas

Four Generations with my Great Grandma Redcay

Silas in his dinosaurs pajamas

Silas in his dinosaur pajamas

Silas have a very Happy 5th Birthday! We do wish we could be with you but we are sure thinking of you!! I hope you can tell that. Love to you lots!

Friends you have been able to see a small part of our grandson this way. I hope you have enjoyed it. I did!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Saying goodbye and “on the move”

September 22, 2010

We left Nampa, Idaho yesterday. We did have some goodbyes and Kent even raised the hood of the truck and the men gathered.

MAF and Kent and the truck

Seriously we made some good friends here and hope to see them again. We had a nice evening with some of them and we were especially glad to have our new friend Bud and his wife Donna there. Bud had a very serious gall bladder surgery a few weeks ago where he died several times and the Drs revived him. So we were celebrating his life. It was hard to say goodbye to them.

Bud and Donna

We left about 10 am and drove only to Pendelton, Oregon. We had some interesting scenery along the way. Not as green as the west side of the mountains in Oregon. this part is more desert and they use the rivers as a source of water. So it looks very much like it did when the first settlers came here.

Praire in Eastern Oregon

Of course the early settlers didn’t have the nice road and guard rail. Hah!

Dry Prairie in Eastern Oregon

We wanted to stay in Pendelton as we never have. We also wanted to see the famous woolen mill and some of the other notable sites. We missed the 100th anniversary Rodeo though by a week. Oh well, we can’t do everything.

Pendelton woolen mill has operated here for over 100 years. If you are curious about it, check out their site; They do have some wonderful woolen products too, of course. We were able to get out without buying anything…I think Kent was glad for that as the items were NOT cheap.

Pendelton Woolen Mill

Here I am holding some of their “sheep”

Jan and sheep

We did check out the town and had lunch downtown at a small hometown restaurant. It was in a very old building that had served people on the Oregon Trail back in the 1860’s. It has been used as a business of some sort since then. That in itself is remarkable as so many of these old buildings are being torn down.

We enjoyed Pendelton very much and would encourage you to come and see for yourself. For a small town, population about 16,000 it is still very much alive and doing well. We are always glad to see this.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our daughter & son-in-law’s wedding anniversary

September 17, 2010

Today is our daughter Kara and her husband Nicolas’ 4th wedding anniversary. They live in Denver and are doing really well. We are always amazed at them in what they do for others and their concern. They are both doing well in their jobs although could use lots of prayers as they are in very stressful situations.

Here is a picture of them while they were dating. This one was taken in Washington state.

Kara and Nick in front of Mt Baker

We sure enjoyed their wedding day. They married in the mountains close to Denver. It was a beautiful but cool day. The grandparents had to have blankets to keep them warm for the 10 am wedding, but it turned out to be very nice weather.

They had some pictures taken of them before the wedding. That was something that my husband and I had done too. Here are a few of them.

Nick and Kara with mountains

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kara and Nick…I love the way they look here.

Kara and

Some great memories of Kara as a bride…radiant, confident, beautiful, pure and so very happy as you can see for yourself in this picture.

Kara as a beautiful bride

She used red roses and they were so beautiful.


Her dad and only brother Josh walking her down the aisle. I was already in tears. What a special moment. I was totally crying, but so happy too. It is a bittersweet moment when your children marry.

Coming down the aisle

It was a delight to have Josh, Teresa and little Silas with us too. I love this picture of Josh and Silas all dressed up…

Josh and Silas dressed up

Our new family

Reimer Family 2006

It was a special treat to have some of our extended family there. My mom, oldest niece Jana and Kent’s parents were all able to come to the wedding.

Family at Kara's wedding

And having our only grandson Silas there with his mom and dad was also very special. Grandpa holding Silas after the wedding.

Grandpa and SilasI

Finally the bride and groom were ready to take off…but one more fun picture!

Nick and Kara ready to go..

Happy 4th Anniversary Kara and Nick. We love you and wish you many more to come.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers