Saying goodbye and “on the move”

We left Nampa, Idaho yesterday. We did have some goodbyes and Kent even raised the hood of the truck and the men gathered.

MAF and Kent and the truck

Seriously we made some good friends here and hope to see them again. We had a nice evening with some of them and we were especially glad to have our new friend Bud and his wife Donna there. Bud had a very serious gall bladder surgery a few weeks ago where he died several times and the Drs revived him. So we were celebrating his life. It was hard to say goodbye to them.

Bud and Donna

We left about 10 am and drove only to Pendelton, Oregon. We had some interesting scenery along the way. Not as green as the west side of the mountains in Oregon. this part is more desert and they use the rivers as a source of water. So it looks very much like it did when the first settlers came here.

Praire in Eastern Oregon

Of course the early settlers didn’t have the nice road and guard rail. Hah!

Dry Prairie in Eastern Oregon

We wanted to stay in Pendelton as we never have. We also wanted to see the famous woolen mill and some of the other notable sites. We missed the 100th anniversary Rodeo though by a week. Oh well, we can’t do everything.

Pendelton woolen mill has operated here for over 100 years. If you are curious about it, check out their site; They do have some wonderful woolen products too, of course. We were able to get out without buying anything…I think Kent was glad for that as the items were NOT cheap.

Pendelton Woolen Mill

Here I am holding some of their “sheep”

Jan and sheep

We did check out the town and had lunch downtown at a small hometown restaurant. It was in a very old building that had served people on the Oregon Trail back in the 1860’s. It has been used as a business of some sort since then. That in itself is remarkable as so many of these old buildings are being torn down.

We enjoyed Pendelton very much and would encourage you to come and see for yourself. For a small town, population about 16,000 it is still very much alive and doing well. We are always glad to see this.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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