Happy birthday to our Grandson

Our grandson, Silas turns 5 today. I can hardly believe it or realize that he is already that old. It is one of the milestones in a young life. He also started Kindergarten a few weeks ago. Wow!

Of course I have some fun pictures of him through these five years. Please enjoy them with me.

When he was a few weeks old I took this picture of him sleeping peacefully.

Baby silas sleeping

Grandpa and Silas enjoying each other

Grandpa and Silas enjoying each other

Grandma and Grandpa playing with Silas

Grandpa & Grandma with Silas

Our son and his son both all dressed up for Kara’s wedding

Josh and Silas at Kara's wedding

I do like to read to him and we did start reading when he was little

Grandma reading to young Silas

Aunt Kara has a good touch in getting Silas to sleep too

Grandpa and Silas

Great grandpa Reimer and Silas

Great Grandpa Reimer and Silas

Great Grandma Reimer and Silas about 3 years old

Great Grandma Reimer and Silas

He and I are very happy to be together

Silas Hugging Grandma

He loves his “Unca” Nick our son-in-law

Silas and Unca Nick

Aunt Kara and Silas snuggle

Silas and Aunt Kara snuggling

Several favorite pictures

Grandpa and Silas watching a kite

3 Generations

Josh , Teresa and Silas at our house in Denver

Silas in his red hoodie

He has a very ready smile…especially when grandpa plays with him

Silas and Grandpa playing with Legos

Silas smiling in Canada

Silas at about 1 year old

Silas loves his grandpa “big truck”

He sure loves his mommy too

Silas loves his mommy

Josh, Teresa and Silas

Four Generations with my Great Grandma Redcay

Silas in his dinosaurs pajamas

Silas in his dinosaur pajamas

Silas have a very Happy 5th Birthday! We do wish we could be with you but we are sure thinking of you!! I hope you can tell that. Love to you lots!

Friends you have been able to see a small part of our grandson this way. I hope you have enjoyed it. I did!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Happy birthday to our Grandson”

  1. Mike Beldon Says:

    That’s a good post Jan, we enjoyed these pictures, thanks for sharing.



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