“On the road again”

We arrived in Spokane, Washington and spent from Thursday until this morning there. We came for a citywide missions conference that was Friday afternoon and evening and all day on Saturday.

We met many people and talked to a lot of couples and singles that were interested in serving overseas and some of them would be a fit with WorldVenture. It was an enjoyable time and exhausting too. We were on our feet for 12 hours on Saturday. So we are glad we don’t have to do this as much as we used to.

Our house was parked at a church that we attended when we were living in Spokane two summers ago. So it was fun to renew friendships. We also got to spend Sunday afternoon with Denny and Brenda that had allowed us to park our house in their back yard in 2008. We had a good visit catching up on their lives too. Their grandchildren were with them as their daughter and son-in-law were in Indonesia on a missions trip.

Denny and Brenda

Denny and Brenda

We left Spokane this morning and have driven west and a bit south to Yakima, Washington. So we drove through eastern Washington. Now, most of you think of wet and green when you think of Washington state. That is true in Seattle and the western part of the state BUT a large part of the state is actually more high desert conditions. So they have to irrigate to grow crops here. Also it is fairly flat for a large portion and then it gets hilly and then eventually you will see mountains and go over them. I took some pictures while I drove..so some are better than others. Please forgive any fuzziness as I thought you’d like to “see” the countryside that we drove in.

We drove through the flat lands today

Flat lands

We saw farms

Farm in Eastern Washington

Then drove through some hills

Hilly country in Eastern WA

As you might be able to tell I am driving the little white car and following Kent driving the truck and RV…so I get this view of the back end of the house a lot, but I don’t mind.

More hills

Hilly country in eastern WA

At the top of one of the hills there were dozens of modern windmills and they were just really moving. This is a very windy area so definitely a good place for them.

Windmills in Eastern Wa

Then we drove across the beautiful Columbia river.

Columbia River near Yakima, WA

This is a picture looking down into the Yakima valley area. This area is known for their fruit and especially their apples and pears.

Yakima Valley

We had a great day driving in Eastern Washington

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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