Visiting relatives and old freinds

We are still in Yakima, Washington. Kent actually has two cousins here. One of them is a first cousin on his mom’s side, Marilyn and her husband Lloyd. They took us out to eat at a very nice local restaurant. It was good to get to know them better.

Marilyn and Lloyd

Kent’s other cousin here is from his dad’s side of the family. We met Arlene and her husband when Stan went to Moody Aviation with Kent. They served overseas in Zaire and have worked for another couple from our Moody Aviation days since here in Yakima.

Stan and Arlene

Jim also graduated for Moody Aviation and with his wife Sue have served overseas in Venezuela and then settled in Yakima. Jim started a company that manufactures planes called CubCrafters. Check out their web site at: There are some great pictures there of the different planes they build.

Cubcrafters sign

Here is the group of us..minus Kent who took the picture

Richmonds and Frantz Sept 2010

Jim took Kent and I for a tour of his facilities today. Wow! I was amazed at how these planes go together. Kent of course knows much more than me. Almost all of their parts are made in this facility and then assembled into the lightweight planes they sell. It was fun to see and to see how the Lord has blessed the company and the family.

Jim explains something to Kent

The frame of a plane.

Sue also is quite busy with her own business. She owns and operates a Christian bookstore called Inklings. A wonderful store that has so many things it was so hard to not spend hours in there today. I didn’t take pictures at her store but check out her web site is:

Sue R and Jan Sept 2010

So if you are in the Yakima area look up these businesses and let our friends know you know us. We are so thrilled to be able to re-connect with friends and family as we travel through. It is one of the blessings of having our house with wheels on it.

May God bless you today!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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