My dear mother

I have had a wonderful mother. She raised a family of 10 children. I am the 8th child and only the second daughter. She has worked out of the home most of her life in a sewing factory. She has been independent and a strong woman for many years.

My father passed away 20 years ago and my only sister and two of my eldest brothers passed away in 1999, 2000 and 2007. Since then I have felt much more of a burden to help my mother more. Even though she was very capable to care for herself, I still felt I needed to be “there” for her. My mother turned 89 in May.

When we moved into our RV more than 3 years ago my mom flew to Phoenix to spend time with us. She has flown alone to Ireland and met up with our family to visit our son Josh when he lived there in 2000. So she has always been independent.

Here she is at our daughter Kara and Nick’s wedding. It was an outdoor casual and cool wedding.

Mom Redcay at Kara's wedding

Later at our house for a four generation picture with Josh and Silas

4 Generations on my side

My mom, her brothers, sisters and spouses all living in Pennsylvania. They get together for dinner at a restaurant once a month.

My mom's brothers, sisters and in laws

Last summer when we lived in Pennsylvania for an extended time. I spent many hours with my mother and realized that she was suffering from memory loss and confusion. I have two nephews who have helped care for her as well as she lived with my younger brother and his family in her former home as my brother had bought the home. Mother is having more trouble with confusion and memory loss but this last year we have been glad that she has still been able and happy to live with my brother.

I went to visit her for 10 days to see how she really was. She is still living with my brother but increasingly we feel that she may need another kind of care. I found my mother was very lonely too. So I took her everywhere she wanted to go. I took her to get her hair done and also to see my father’s grave and lots of of other places. I am praying that God will give us His wisdom in all of this. But I was very glad to see her and have a good visit.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “My dear mother”

  1. Rachel & Dick Says:

    Mothers are so precious and I’m thankful you still have your Mother with you.
    So sorry to hear about her memory loss, but thankful she can still live with your brother.
    We are back at SWC now and enjoying the cool, rainy day. Looking forward to seeing you whenever you can make it to Phoenix.
    Blessings to you from Rachel & Dick


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