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On the Oregon coast

November 29, 2010

We also came to this area of Oregon to follow up with a couple that took their family to Africa for a summer several years ago. They have considered going full time some day. So we came to keep in touch with them and their church as well. We had a great visit with them.

Kent has worked with the leadership of this church as well and we were grateful to get in touch with them as well. Kent also made a connection with several in the Sunday School class we went too. He had a meeting with a young couple very interested in long term service as well. It was a very good visit.

Skyline Baptist church Fall 2010

On our way back to the campground since it was such a pretty day we stopped by to see this lighthouse called Umpqua. I think that is because there is an Indian tribe by that name. We actually inquired as to a job of working at this lighthouse. I have a desire to do this but after consideration of Kent’s obligations, we felt we couldn’t do it this next spring. I would have to volunteer there for the space as we have done in other places but Kent needs to be closer to Seattle next summer. So not this year but I do hope someday to do this!!!

Umpqua Lighthouse Oregon Coast 2010
Umpqua Lighthouse

Very beautiful and the sunshine was particularly spectacular after so much rain on Saturday. Enjoy these shots! Even with a foglike quality this is very beautiful!

Driving the Oregon coast Fall 2010

More scenery

Beautiful Oregon Coast - Fall 2010

Ocean view
Oregon Coast -2 Fall 2010

To really appreciate this beautiful part of our country YOU need to come here yourself. So I do hope you can someday. We leave here tomorrow and I am a little sad but ready for the next adventure.

Have a wonderful day!

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Oregon coast and a visit

November 29, 2010

We had a good drive and got set up in a campground. We came here to connect with some RV friends.

We met Mike and Ruth three winters ago in Phoenix. We and they were at the same RV park near Phoenix and we both have the same semi Volvo trucks and a Rig by the same company. We became quite close that first winter and since then we have met up in North Carolina last summer and now here in Oregon.

Mike and Ruth

We went for a walk on the beach..first in the rain and then the sunshine and then both at once..The fall weather here is often rainy!

Oregon Coast Storm and sunshine

I love the beach anytime, anywhere. That is me looking to make sure the ocean doesn’t come up too high on my feet.

Jan at the Oregon Beach

Kent and Mike talking and walking

oregon coast-1

Footprints in the sand. Mike’s boots made a really interesting pattern in the sand.

Footprints in the sand

Oregon Coast scenery

Oregon Coast -2

Another view

Coast with Mike and Ruth

Have a great day enjoying the scenery around you.

jan for the Roaming Reimers

Thanksgiving in Oregon

November 28, 2010

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. We had a great Thanksgiving in Oregon. We were with our good friends Phil and Jeannie for several days before Thanksgiving and then on the day. Phil & Jeannie had also invited another couple that used to live in South East Alaska that we knew and a couple of their neighbors.

Here we are at the table.

Thanksgiving at Phil and Jeannie's

We had a delicious Turkey, potatoes and all the extras. And of course pie at the end. Really very good food and good company. We had time to sit around and visit and get to know each other a bit more. It was such a fun time. Thanks Phil and Jeannie!

Phil & Jeannie

Phil and Jeannie have a great property and even a small runway(for planes) on the top of their hill. Fun! I took some fun pictures around their house. I love this one of the old truck that I think Phil is still working on. I love it!

Old truck at Phil and Jeannie's house

I took this picture of their view of the North Umpqua River.

View of North Umpqua River

On Friday we DID NOT go shopping but instead packed up and moved almost on the Oregon coast. Wow! What beautiful countryside even with the rain and fog. I have some great pictures but no room here. Come back to see this gorgeous part of the country.

Oregon countryside

So come back and see the pictures of Oregon.

Jan from the Roaming Reimers

Visiting with friends in Oregon

November 23, 2010

We are having a great time seeing “old” friends. Well, not old in the sense of age but that we have known for many years. After our meetings for the mission near Portland we drove down the road in a very bad rain storm. I was so glad to get to the church where we parked for the night.

We were going to see old friends from our days at Moody Aviation. We have known Don and Claudelle since 1976. We have all moved around the United States in many places. So it is fun when we can catch up. They have grown up family and one grandson too. They also served in missions for many years. It was great to see them and hear how God is working in their lives and family. Claudelle recently was able to go on a trip to Asia and it really opened her eyes. It was so fun to hear her share of her experience.

Don and Claudelle

On Saturday we moved to a RV park for a few days. We are here to see our friends Phil and Jeannie that we have known since our days in Alaska in 1980. Kent and Phil have lots in common because they are both pilots and great mechanics. We are going to have thanksgiving dinner with them and some of their friends in this area. We went to church with them on Sunday too.

Kent is trying to catch up on office work and I am getting laundry and cleaning done as well as catching up with emails too. We can see we are keeping busy too.

Today we had some other good friends from our Alaska days come and have dinner with us. We have known Sid and Kathy since 1981. Kent used to stay with them when he flew out to the logging camp they lived in. He started a bible Study which became a church and continues to this day. Kathy stayed with us in town when their first child, a son was born. She needed to be close to the hospital and that was close to us.

We had lost touch with them as they also had moved into a RV and moved around a bit so that we had trouble re-locating them. We were all so excited about seeing each other again. It was hard to cram all of our visiting in a short evening. But we will see each other again when we come through here next fall. We are so glad that the Lord gave us the thought to look for them on facebook. That is how we found them. It was a very special evening.

Sid and Kathy

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with our friends Phil and Jeannie. So more pictures to come.

Love from the Roaming Reimers


November 17, 2010

We have moved on down the road. We left mom and dad’s place and drove south and around Seattle and to RV park called Mt St Helens RV park. We had been here once before. BUT we had not remembered how rude the woman who checked you in could be. We paid for one night and after doing laundry in the morning decided to move.

BUT God gave Kent a neat opportunity. He was getting the truck ready to move when a few men stopped by. This often happens when he is working on the truck. It is sort of a man magnet. Fun!

Well, these guys got to asking questions about the truck and RV and all of our lifestyle. It often leads to the question of what kind of work do you do that you can live this way?? Kent usually says “We’re missionaries.” That leads one way or another. Either the person tries to get away as fast as they can…or they ask more questions. This time the guy had a lot of questions. Well, this was exciting and I could hear the conversation on my way past so I went into the RV praying for Kent. God really opened up this guy’s heart and he had lots of questions about faith etc. Kent got to share the gospel with him. We were thrilled and really felt that God had wanted us to stop at this RV park especially for this opportunity. Praise the Lord!

We then did drive on to a new RV park in Vancouver, Washington. It was so much nicer and cleaner and the people in the office were very friendly. We then moved to another place where we are sort of “dry camping” but given water and electric for the week.

Dry camping where WorldVenture's office in the NW

Not a park but a free place on a business parking lot that is owned by Christians and very helpful to ministries. We are grateful for this free place to park!! We are here until Friday. We are still in Washington but very close to the Columbia River, which divides Oregon and Washington.

We have been enjoying it despite the rain every day. When it is not raining it is beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Visiting with family and friends

November 14, 2010

We have had a very busy and full month here in Bellingham, Washington. We have been parked on Mom and Dad’s yard for this whole time. We are grateful for that because we could get to see mom and dad lots and help them some too. Also we could see Kent’s sister Leann and husband Ken a lot too. We also saw Amanda LeAnn’s daughter a bit too. It is so good to spend some time with them all.

I got them together for a picture on a pretty day with Kent.

Kent and his family Fall 2010

Mom and Dad Reimer

Mom and Dad Reimer Fall 2010

Ken and LeAnn

Ken and LeAnn

We also got to see Kent’s first cousin Karen and husband Tim who live nearby too. It is always a pleasure to see them too.

Tim and Karen

We also have some very good friends Ed and Goldie Karber that live nearby. We were so glad to spend several visits with them as well. They sort of adopted us many years ago when our kids were young. They are some of the best prayer warriors you would want. They are very special friends for us and good supporters.

Also another friend was Jane Flack who is a long time friend. She is now 92 and still doing very well and even driving still. She always seems to be able to write me a note. I so appreciate that. She supports us in prayer and encouragement too.

Jan and Jane Flack

We did get to see many others…but I forgot to take the picture while with them. So this is just a sampling of those that we got to see while there.

Also one day it was so pretty that we took a drive down the road to this pretty spot and got a picture of Mt Baker. It stands at 10.781 feet but is always snow capped and beautiful IF you get to see it on a clear day.

Mt Baker Fall 2010

Just wanted you to “see” some of the family and friends we did get to see on this trip.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Working around Mom and Dad Reimer’s house

November 13, 2010

Yes, we have been working around Kent’s parents small farm. We really enjoy this type of work and are rewarded with fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden. Yum! Some days I worked while Kent did office work in our house parked right on the folks side yard. So here are a few of the jobs we did.

We dug carrots and potatoes in the garden. These are some of the sweetest carrots you will ever eat…

Digging carrots

Dad and Jan with carrots

We also raked lots of maple leaves. Dad has this HUGE maple tree alongside their house and no one knows for sure how old it is but…it is very big. We had 5 adults with their arms outstretched around it and barely touched fingertips…so very big! AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LEAVES. We raked several times and there were still some for dad to rake after we left. They also have other trees that needed raking as well. See our house in the background?

Kent raking leaves

Jan raking leaves

Mom and Dad’s house with leaves falling

The front of Mom and Dad's house..

We also helped bring in the dahlia flowers. Here are some dahlias in case you don’t know the flowers. This picture was taken at the Seattle Farmers market but it gives you an idea of the beauty of these flowers.

Fall bouquets

These beautiful flowers require a lot of care to winter over…most of the time they are dug out of the ground every year. Since they actually show their flowers at several places Dad wanted the ones that they knew the names of to be dug… Here Kent and dad dig them.

Digging dahlias

They are huge tubers that you knock off the dirt and eventually wash them off and then dry them out and place in a frost free place in some saw dust.

Dahlias tubers

After the special tubers are dug there were some others that dad decided to leave in the ground..but you have to cut off the huge stalks and then cover with first straw and then put the stalks back on, so that they will hold down the straw. So it is a bit of work and the next time you see one you might have a better appreciation for them. Hah!

Dahlias cut down

Dahlias cut down

Putting on the straw
Putting straw on the dahlias

We put on the stalks last


We also did a few other jobs around but you get the idea.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers…a bit tired today!

My birthday

November 5, 2010

Yes, I just celebrated my birthday. It is on Halloween. Weeks before my birthday I had decided to allow our niece Amanda color my hair as a birthday gift to myself. She also gave me a cute cut too.

Here is a picture of me before the color (with our cousin Jeri)

And after but not too close. I will try to post another one soon but I have been behind the camera a lot these days… But I do love it and am enjoying not being gray for awhile.

I had also decided that this year we were going to do something different. I had signed up online for free food that you can get on your birthday. Hah! Kara has always told me about all the free stuff you can get if you just sign up. So this was an experiment.

So we first went to Denny’s for a free Grand Slam. Then Kara had sent me a free movie coupon on your birthday and so we went to see “Secretariat.” This is a good film about a racehorse that really lived. I love horses so this was just right for me. It has a good ending and I even cried for part of it.

After that it was nice so we decided to go for a long walk. We found a local park with a nice walk around to a falls and bridge. It was very pretty even with an overcast sky.

Here are some of the views we had.

After that we were a little hungry so we headed for Red Robin who has delicious burgers. They had a free (large) burger with bottomless fries. Well we shared the burger and fries and a nice chat with the manager whose kids were out trick or treating with mom.

We ended our day by eating a free ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. Coffee ice cream with heath bar mixed in. Yum! I shared that too.

I got calls from our kids and several friends throughout the day. I had a fun day on my birthday. I hope you had a good day too.

Love, Jan from the Roaming Reimers now a year older…Hah!

Short Trip to Canada

November 3, 2010

A few days ago we went to visit an old friend & supporter in Canada. Betty and her husband were so encouraging to us when we were first seeking support in 1978. They used to hold prayer meetings for missionaries in their home. Wow, what a meeting it was too. The people prayed for the missionaries for several hours and then we had tea and goodies.

Betty and Reg retired and moved to Vancouver Island. It is a very large island off the coast of British Columbia. You can get there by plane or on the ferry. We took a ferry as we wanted to drive the island a bit looking for some other friends.

Vancouver Island is a large island. It is almost 300 miles long and 50 miles wide at its widest. It has dozens of little islands along the coast. The weather on the east coast(because it is closest to the mainland) is fairly mild. Many Canadians like to move there for retirement and everything they need is readily available on the island. It is a beautiful part of British Columbia.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ferry system, A ferry moves people and vehicles around these islands several times a day. They are very efficient and do a great job of getting you there. You have to schedule your trip with their time tables or end up being stuck on the island when you had hoped to be somewhere else. Here are some pictures of getting on and off the ferries.

Watching the Ferry come into the dock

Ferry coming into the dock

Ferry at the dock

Ferry at the dock

Getting on board

Ferry going to Vancouver Island

Our car on the ferry

Our car on the Ferry

Then we were off and driving north on the island to our friend’s house. Can you see the long line of cars and vehicles waiting to get on the ferry?

Off the ferry but seeing the long line waiting.

We had a great visit with Betty and her dog Tucker. We had a nice walk near the water and Tucker didn’t want to look up for the camera. I think he was afraid of missing a treat…

Kent and Betty with Tucker

Then we went for a look around her village.

Betty and Kent in QB

I love looking at these types of towns. She took us to her very picturesque church.

Betty's Church in Qualicum Beach

We got back to the United States in time for an early Thanksgiving with Kent’s parents and sister LeAnn, Ken and the kids. My picture turned out blurry so none of them this time.

We will be here in Bellingham, WA for only another week and then back on the road again.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers