Short Trip to Canada

A few days ago we went to visit an old friend & supporter in Canada. Betty and her husband were so encouraging to us when we were first seeking support in 1978. They used to hold prayer meetings for missionaries in their home. Wow, what a meeting it was too. The people prayed for the missionaries for several hours and then we had tea and goodies.

Betty and Reg retired and moved to Vancouver Island. It is a very large island off the coast of British Columbia. You can get there by plane or on the ferry. We took a ferry as we wanted to drive the island a bit looking for some other friends.

Vancouver Island is a large island. It is almost 300 miles long and 50 miles wide at its widest. It has dozens of little islands along the coast. The weather on the east coast(because it is closest to the mainland) is fairly mild. Many Canadians like to move there for retirement and everything they need is readily available on the island. It is a beautiful part of British Columbia.

For those of you unfamiliar with the ferry system, A ferry moves people and vehicles around these islands several times a day. They are very efficient and do a great job of getting you there. You have to schedule your trip with their time tables or end up being stuck on the island when you had hoped to be somewhere else. Here are some pictures of getting on and off the ferries.

Watching the Ferry come into the dock

Ferry coming into the dock

Ferry at the dock

Ferry at the dock

Getting on board

Ferry going to Vancouver Island

Our car on the ferry

Our car on the Ferry

Then we were off and driving north on the island to our friend’s house. Can you see the long line of cars and vehicles waiting to get on the ferry?

Off the ferry but seeing the long line waiting.

We had a great visit with Betty and her dog Tucker. We had a nice walk near the water and Tucker didn’t want to look up for the camera. I think he was afraid of missing a treat…

Kent and Betty with Tucker

Then we went for a look around her village.

Betty and Kent in QB

I love looking at these types of towns. She took us to her very picturesque church.

Betty's Church in Qualicum Beach

We got back to the United States in time for an early Thanksgiving with Kent’s parents and sister LeAnn, Ken and the kids. My picture turned out blurry so none of them this time.

We will be here in Bellingham, WA for only another week and then back on the road again.

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Short Trip to Canada”

  1. Rachel & Dick Says:

    So good to hear about your trip to Vancover Island. What a beautiful place to visit. Did you get to Buchart Gardens? (mispelled). That is what we consider the most beautiful place we have seen.
    We are missing your beautiful flowers here at SWC. They tried to get David Laplant or Paul to get flowers planted before the “Event” where the Jr. & Senior High students came to the college today. Finally, Rebecca & a student planted some flowers. I wouldn’t want you to say anything to anyone, but after seeing YOUR flowers, these look rather puny. Oh, well, they’re flowers!!!!!
    Missing you and praying for you every day.
    Please keep in contact with us.
    Luv from R & R


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