Working around Mom and Dad Reimer’s house

Yes, we have been working around Kent’s parents small farm. We really enjoy this type of work and are rewarded with fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden. Yum! Some days I worked while Kent did office work in our house parked right on the folks side yard. So here are a few of the jobs we did.

We dug carrots and potatoes in the garden. These are some of the sweetest carrots you will ever eat…

Digging carrots

Dad and Jan with carrots

We also raked lots of maple leaves. Dad has this HUGE maple tree alongside their house and no one knows for sure how old it is but…it is very big. We had 5 adults with their arms outstretched around it and barely touched fingertips…so very big! AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LEAVES. We raked several times and there were still some for dad to rake after we left. They also have other trees that needed raking as well. See our house in the background?

Kent raking leaves

Jan raking leaves

Mom and Dad’s house with leaves falling

The front of Mom and Dad's house..

We also helped bring in the dahlia flowers. Here are some dahlias in case you don’t know the flowers. This picture was taken at the Seattle Farmers market but it gives you an idea of the beauty of these flowers.

Fall bouquets

These beautiful flowers require a lot of care to winter over…most of the time they are dug out of the ground every year. Since they actually show their flowers at several places Dad wanted the ones that they knew the names of to be dug… Here Kent and dad dig them.

Digging dahlias

They are huge tubers that you knock off the dirt and eventually wash them off and then dry them out and place in a frost free place in some saw dust.

Dahlias tubers

After the special tubers are dug there were some others that dad decided to leave in the ground..but you have to cut off the huge stalks and then cover with first straw and then put the stalks back on, so that they will hold down the straw. So it is a bit of work and the next time you see one you might have a better appreciation for them. Hah!

Dahlias cut down

Dahlias cut down

Putting on the straw
Putting straw on the dahlias

We put on the stalks last


We also did a few other jobs around but you get the idea.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers…a bit tired today!

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