Visiting with family and friends

We have had a very busy and full month here in Bellingham, Washington. We have been parked on Mom and Dad’s yard for this whole time. We are grateful for that because we could get to see mom and dad lots and help them some too. Also we could see Kent’s sister Leann and husband Ken a lot too. We also saw Amanda LeAnn’s daughter a bit too. It is so good to spend some time with them all.

I got them together for a picture on a pretty day with Kent.

Kent and his family Fall 2010

Mom and Dad Reimer

Mom and Dad Reimer Fall 2010

Ken and LeAnn

Ken and LeAnn

We also got to see Kent’s first cousin Karen and husband Tim who live nearby too. It is always a pleasure to see them too.

Tim and Karen

We also have some very good friends Ed and Goldie Karber that live nearby. We were so glad to spend several visits with them as well. They sort of adopted us many years ago when our kids were young. They are some of the best prayer warriors you would want. They are very special friends for us and good supporters.

Also another friend was Jane Flack who is a long time friend. She is now 92 and still doing very well and even driving still. She always seems to be able to write me a note. I so appreciate that. She supports us in prayer and encouragement too.

Jan and Jane Flack

We did get to see many others…but I forgot to take the picture while with them. So this is just a sampling of those that we got to see while there.

Also one day it was so pretty that we took a drive down the road to this pretty spot and got a picture of Mt Baker. It stands at 10.781 feet but is always snow capped and beautiful IF you get to see it on a clear day.

Mt Baker Fall 2010

Just wanted you to “see” some of the family and friends we did get to see on this trip.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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