We have moved on down the road. We left mom and dad’s place and drove south and around Seattle and to RV park called Mt St Helens RV park. We had been here once before. BUT we had not remembered how rude the woman who checked you in could be. We paid for one night and after doing laundry in the morning decided to move.

BUT God gave Kent a neat opportunity. He was getting the truck ready to move when a few men stopped by. This often happens when he is working on the truck. It is sort of a man magnet. Fun!

Well, these guys got to asking questions about the truck and RV and all of our lifestyle. It often leads to the question of what kind of work do you do that you can live this way?? Kent usually says “We’re missionaries.” That leads one way or another. Either the person tries to get away as fast as they can…or they ask more questions. This time the guy had a lot of questions. Well, this was exciting and I could hear the conversation on my way past so I went into the RV praying for Kent. God really opened up this guy’s heart and he had lots of questions about faith etc. Kent got to share the gospel with him. We were thrilled and really felt that God had wanted us to stop at this RV park especially for this opportunity. Praise the Lord!

We then did drive on to a new RV park in Vancouver, Washington. It was so much nicer and cleaner and the people in the office were very friendly. We then moved to another place where we are sort of “dry camping” but given water and electric for the week.

Dry camping where WorldVenture's office in the NW

Not a park but a free place on a business parking lot that is owned by Christians and very helpful to ministries. We are grateful for this free place to park!! We are here until Friday. We are still in Washington but very close to the Columbia River, which divides Oregon and Washington.

We have been enjoying it despite the rain every day. When it is not raining it is beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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