Visiting with friends in Oregon

We are having a great time seeing “old” friends. Well, not old in the sense of age but that we have known for many years. After our meetings for the mission near Portland we drove down the road in a very bad rain storm. I was so glad to get to the church where we parked for the night.

We were going to see old friends from our days at Moody Aviation. We have known Don and Claudelle since 1976. We have all moved around the United States in many places. So it is fun when we can catch up. They have grown up family and one grandson too. They also served in missions for many years. It was great to see them and hear how God is working in their lives and family. Claudelle recently was able to go on a trip to Asia and it really opened her eyes. It was so fun to hear her share of her experience.

Don and Claudelle

On Saturday we moved to a RV park for a few days. We are here to see our friends Phil and Jeannie that we have known since our days in Alaska in 1980. Kent and Phil have lots in common because they are both pilots and great mechanics. We are going to have thanksgiving dinner with them and some of their friends in this area. We went to church with them on Sunday too.

Kent is trying to catch up on office work and I am getting laundry and cleaning done as well as catching up with emails too. We can see we are keeping busy too.

Today we had some other good friends from our Alaska days come and have dinner with us. We have known Sid and Kathy since 1981. Kent used to stay with them when he flew out to the logging camp they lived in. He started a bible Study which became a church and continues to this day. Kathy stayed with us in town when their first child, a son was born. She needed to be close to the hospital and that was close to us.

We had lost touch with them as they also had moved into a RV and moved around a bit so that we had trouble re-locating them. We were all so excited about seeing each other again. It was hard to cram all of our visiting in a short evening. But we will see each other again when we come through here next fall. We are so glad that the Lord gave us the thought to look for them on facebook. That is how we found them. It was a very special evening.

Sid and Kathy

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with our friends Phil and Jeannie. So more pictures to come.

Love from the Roaming Reimers

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