On the Oregon coast

We also came to this area of Oregon to follow up with a couple that took their family to Africa for a summer several years ago. They have considered going full time some day. So we came to keep in touch with them and their church as well. We had a great visit with them.

Kent has worked with the leadership of this church as well and we were grateful to get in touch with them as well. Kent also made a connection with several in the Sunday School class we went too. He had a meeting with a young couple very interested in long term service as well. It was a very good visit.

Skyline Baptist church Fall 2010

On our way back to the campground since it was such a pretty day we stopped by to see this lighthouse called Umpqua. I think that is because there is an Indian tribe by that name. We actually inquired as to a job of working at this lighthouse. I have a desire to do this but after consideration of Kent’s obligations, we felt we couldn’t do it this next spring. I would have to volunteer there for the space as we have done in other places but Kent needs to be closer to Seattle next summer. So not this year but I do hope someday to do this!!!

Umpqua Lighthouse Oregon Coast 2010
Umpqua Lighthouse

Very beautiful and the sunshine was particularly spectacular after so much rain on Saturday. Enjoy these shots! Even with a foglike quality this is very beautiful!

Driving the Oregon coast Fall 2010

More scenery

Beautiful Oregon Coast - Fall 2010

Ocean view
Oregon Coast -2 Fall 2010

To really appreciate this beautiful part of our country YOU need to come here yourself. So I do hope you can someday. We leave here tomorrow and I am a little sad but ready for the next adventure.

Have a wonderful day!

Love from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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