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We got snow…

December 30, 2010

Yes, we are still in Phoenix and we did get snow flurries here in the valley of the sun today. I could hardly believe it when I saw them falling. Of course they didn’t last long but still…

We did have an all day rain yesterday and then once that cleared off it got windy and cold. We awoke to temps around 45 and it never got above 47. So that tells you it was cold for here.

You may be where you are getting lots of snow. I almost envy you as I love those days when you can sort of rest and do some baking etc. So enjoy those days if you get them. The higher elevation ares of Arizona almost always get snow, but not usually here in Phoenix.

We are going to the mountains for the weekend where they are currently getting snow. We will have some snow for a few days and then back to Phoenix. We are thankful for friends that have invited us to their house for the weekend.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


December 26, 2010

We do pray that you all had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!!

We are in Phoenix and not able to be with either of our children this year. As hard as that was we are so grateful for modern technology to be able to talk, AND SKYPE with them. We also talked with other friends and family. Everyone is doing well and we are so blessed to know Christ and the real reason for this season.

We had invited some friends of ours here in Phoenix to have dinner with us. Kent and I really enjoyed doing the dinner and then playing games with our friends Don and Kathy and Bill. They are all in our small group and we love each of them.

Bill Bennet, Don and Kathy Newkirk

We also have been thinking about our 36 Christmases together and all the many different places that we have celebrated Christmas. So I looked up some old pictures and scanned them in so you could see some of them. I hope you enjoy this walk through the past.


Here is one of me(Jan) when I was a little girl with my mom. I think this was in 1963.

Our family with Josh at 6 months living in SE Alaska

Josh at age 2 helping Dad shovel snow in 1982 in Alaska

While living in Ketchikan, Alaska Kara was born in 1982

Our family Christmas 1986 while living in Brazil

We came home from Brazil in 1988 and we were staying with Kent’s parents in Bellingham, Washington and had Christmas with them. I made these family stockings that we used over the years.

We have always also had lots of visits with good friends over the holidays. This couple Sam and Betty Blachly are such special people and great prayer warriors. This was in 1994 while living in Pennsylvania.

Josh and me in 1995 in our house in Pennsylvania

This is one of my favorite pictures of Josh and Kara for Christmas 1996.

Our family expanded with Teresa as Josh and Teresa were married in Sept 2004

And then Silas was born Sept 2005 ..This is Christmas in 2005 when Silas was 3 months old. We were living in Denver, Colorado then.

Silas laying in front of our Christmas tree in Colorado in 2005

Kent loves being grandpa to Silas..also in 2005

That Christmas in 2005 Kara introduced Nick to the family

Kara and Nick were married in 2006 in Denver and still live there. In November 2009 they invited our family to be together in Denver, Colorado for an early Christmas. What a special time we had

Kent and Kara made our traditional cookies Peppernuts

Silas was enjoying the snow in Denver

I hope you have enjoyed the fun Christmas memories that we have enjoyed looking at too. We are not having a White Christmas this year but we are still having a wonderful Christmas.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

We found the SUN!!!

December 23, 2010

After being two months in the fall in the Northwest where is rained almost every day we did indeed rejoice in finding some sunshine!!! But it wasn’t until we go to southern California and now into the desert region of Arizona until we found sun. BUT we are very glad. We had been having so much moisture in our RV house that we almost needed to buy a dehumidifier! So we have been trying to deal with the results of so much moisture!

But before going on to Phoenix we stopped in the desert to go to a Mexican dentist to have our teeth cleaned and for Kent to get a crown. It is a significant savings to do it this way. We had a dentist that we had gone to before and liked his work. So we called and made an appointment and then parked nearby in the desert where it took only about 15 minutes to get to the dentist.

We parked near the border of Mexico and California and Arizona. We found a small place in the desert. We were parked with about 15 other RVers. The first day we were greeted by several of the others here and told they had a communal fire every night and invited to come and be a part of it. It is a very nice small group and we did join in the fire most nights. We find most Rvers to be very friendly.

We then drove on to Phoenix. A few weeks ago our dear friends here in Phoenix had spoken to our church leadership and asked if we could park our RV house for a short time at the church. We had been told that we would probably not be able to park at the college. We are so grateful that we can park here for a short time.

We had called our friends ahead of time and they met us at the church. We had such a nice greeting as we pulled into the church. Lots of people were here as there had been a dinner put on for the homeless in the area.

It is so nice to come to a place where we have been before to re-connect with friends. God had blessed us with good friends even though we are only here for part of year. We are here in the sun and no snow but we are very grateful to be here.

On Monday we went to the college and found out that we actually can park there again. We may have to move quickly if the college gets the permits and everything in order to build a baseball field. But for now we are again where we parked last winter.

Thanks for all of you who prayed for our travels and for those who visit us here sometimes.

Love to you from Jan and the Non-roaming Reimers today.

Visiting friends on their Orange Ranch

December 15, 2010

We also wanted to see some other good friends near San Diego. Warren and Jan have been friends since our days in Tennessee at Moody Aviation in 1978. They stayed with us for a short time while they looked for a place to live in Tennessee.

They have also supported us for nearly our whole missionary career. So they are long time friends too. Here they are with Warren’s mom and dad.

Warren, Jan, Warren's dad and mom Dec 2010

They have two boys that are both grown up and married as well. And two adorable grandsons. We had the privilege of meeting the grandsons and one daughter-in-law.

Allison and Dawson 2 1/2 year old

Allison and Dawson

Andy, Allison and Asher at 4 years old

Asher(back of) Allison and Andy Dec 2010

We also got a good look around their orange ranch. They have about 200 acres with Orange trees and 10 acres of Avocado trees. Believe me they know lots about oranges and avocados. Warren was raised on the ranch as his father and grandfather have lived here before him. It is so special to see this family line. And they all are believers in God. Pretty amazing and encouraging too!

Here are some pictures around the ranch. Let’s start at the front gate to their place.

Front gate of Lyall's ranch Dec 2010

Some mature trees

Orange Trees Dec 2010

And these are younger trees

Little baby Orange Tree Dec 2010

Here is a picture of the grove with Mt Palomar in the distance. Yes, that is the Mountain that has a huge telescope on it. Check it out at:

Orange Grove with Mt Palomar behind

Warren and Jan’s oldest son Andy helps them on the ranch.

Warren and Andy his oldest son

They recently installed solar panels to help run their water pumps for irrigation. There are a LOT of solar panels here. Neat to see how you can use the sun to help you out, right?

Lyall's Solar Cells Dec 2010

Isn’t the countryside here beautiful? We certainly enjoyed our visit with the Lyall’s Orange Ranch.

Mountains on the way to Pauma Valley, CA

Thanks for checking in with us!

Jan for the Roamimg Reimers

Visiting Good friends in San Diego

December 13, 2010

We decided to go through southern California to visit some friends & supporters on our way through. We were hoping they would be available to visit since it is so close to Christmas. They were and we were so glad.

We drove our little car into San Diego to see Ross and Denise. We have been friends since 1975 when we all went to the same church in NJ. Also they were married the same year and month as us. So we even celebrated an anniversary together many years ago. They have also faithfully supported us for almost our entire missionary career. So we have lots of good memories with these friends. They also have a daughter and son. Their daughter is married and lives in Colorado.

Ross, Denise and Kent Dec 2010

We spent Saturday with them. We even got to take a walk on the beach but it was foggy as you can see. I still love the ocean though. This is Kent and Ross on the beach.

San Diego beach Dec 2010

We were able to attend church with them on Sunday and after church they took us to this pier in Oceanside where there was a 50’s style diner. We had great hamburgers and great fellowship. While we waited for our table there was a seal that was playing in the water near the pier. We saw several people fishing too. Fun!

Seal in water, Oceanside, CA Dec 2010

On Sunday it was just a beautiful sunny day.

Beach at Oceanside. CA Dec 2010

We even got a lady to take a picture of all 4 of us on the pier.

Ross&DeniseKent&Jan Dec 2010

We had a great time. These guys are special friends to us. We always look forward to the next visit too. Thanks for the visit, Ross and Denise!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Northern California

December 4, 2010

We have driven today through the Avenue of the Giants which is Redwood Forests on either side of the road. It is a scenic route and we drove there in our car. We stayed at our overnight stop and after our drive we had lunch and then set out.

We hooked up the car today as we had seen a sing saying we could be up to 75 feet long. We are only 73 with the car. So I got to ride with Kent.

We saw sun about lunch and took off right after wards. We drove by more Redwood forests and climbed to about 1,900 feet in our travels today. These small hills are good as they wouldn’t have any snow on them. In fact we have had temperatures from 47-53 degrees today. I don’t mind that at all.

We are settled for the night in a place where we are dry camping, for those that don’t know that is without water, sewer or electric for the night. We are very snug and using our solar powered batteries to use the computer. Yeah for solar!

We will go down the road tomorrow around Sacramento, CA. We have gone east to avoid San Francisco. And so will be nearer to Sacramento instead. We will be dry camping for several night in a row as we make our way through California.

Now you know where we are for now.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Beautiful Redwood Forest Plus

December 2, 2010

After getting some much needed office work done this morning. We took off to see the Redwood forest. We have seen them before BUT it sure surprised us at how big and majestic these trees are. We drove around many of them. We drove through a whole bunch of them.

Driving through the Redwood Forest Crescent City.CA

And then took a short hike through a forest.

Redwood Forest-4

The view looking up! Wow!

Upwards view of the Redwoods

I was glad to see this stump for it gives you something to have a reference point. Some of these trees are hundreds of years old. This must have been one of the older ones.

Large Redwood Stump

Redwood Forest-4

Here Kent stands by a large Redwood

Redwood Forest -2

We had good time even though the sky was overcast and rainy. Here I was trying to get a picture of the sun coming down through the clouds. It was the first sun we have seen in many days!

The sun is peeking through - Crescent City, CA

We saw that there was another lighthouse. So we decided to check it out. I am fascinated with lighthouses.

Battery Point Lighthouse far view

We could actually walk out to the lighthouse when the tide was out…Can you see the partial road coming from the lighthouse?

Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City, CA

We did walk out and got to see things up close. This is Battery Point lighthouse. It is a working lighthouse. There were no tours today. But we did get to see the scenery.

Battery Lighthouse in Crescent City

Kent enjoying the view from lighthouse

Then we went to get some groceries and when we came out there was sunshine. So we set off to get a picture of this beautiful colorful sunset on the Pacific Ocean.

Well, I end our trek today into the Redwood Forest with one that I made look old fashioned. I hope you like it!

Redwood Forest-1

I do hope you are enjoying our trip south. We are heading out again tomorrow.

Love to you,

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Following the West Coast

December 1, 2010

We decided because of the snow coming down east of us that we would stay and follow the coast. It is such beautiful scenery that is definitely not a hardship to do this.

BUT we did start out in a heavy rainfall and drove all day in the rain.

Driving in the rain Oregon Cst Fall 2010

We stopped frequently to get some of the prettiest pictures. Please remember that is was raining all this can you imagine how nice it would be if it wasn’t raining.

Southern Oregon Coast

Here I am when it wasn’t raining so hard..looking at the beach.

Jan Looking at Oregon coast- Fall 2010

More scenery

Southern Oregon Coast -2 Fall 2010

Oregon coast-7 Fall 2010

The beach in the rain

Southern Oregon coast-3 Fall 2010

We stopped for the night and hunkered down to wait out the rain. No such luck. Still rainy today but we are happy to go down the road and we were looking forward to seeing the Redwoods today. We have seen them before and want to search out to see if our family can meet here next summer. I will try to get some pictures of them tomorrow.

We passed into Northern California today and are still along the coast. It looks very much as Oregon Coast. I must admit that I will be ready for some sunshine when we get further south. I am a little weary of driving in the rain. But I do love the Pacific Northwest even in the rain. I hope you can enjoy some more pictures.

Love to you from Jan for the Roaming Reimers