Following the West Coast

We decided because of the snow coming down east of us that we would stay and follow the coast. It is such beautiful scenery that is definitely not a hardship to do this.

BUT we did start out in a heavy rainfall and drove all day in the rain.

Driving in the rain Oregon Cst Fall 2010

We stopped frequently to get some of the prettiest pictures. Please remember that is was raining all this can you imagine how nice it would be if it wasn’t raining.

Southern Oregon Coast

Here I am when it wasn’t raining so hard..looking at the beach.

Jan Looking at Oregon coast- Fall 2010

More scenery

Southern Oregon Coast -2 Fall 2010

Oregon coast-7 Fall 2010

The beach in the rain

Southern Oregon coast-3 Fall 2010

We stopped for the night and hunkered down to wait out the rain. No such luck. Still rainy today but we are happy to go down the road and we were looking forward to seeing the Redwoods today. We have seen them before and want to search out to see if our family can meet here next summer. I will try to get some pictures of them tomorrow.

We passed into Northern California today and are still along the coast. It looks very much as Oregon Coast. I must admit that I will be ready for some sunshine when we get further south. I am a little weary of driving in the rain. But I do love the Pacific Northwest even in the rain. I hope you can enjoy some more pictures.

Love to you from Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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