Northern California

We have driven today through the Avenue of the Giants which is Redwood Forests on either side of the road. It is a scenic route and we drove there in our car. We stayed at our overnight stop and after our drive we had lunch and then set out.

We hooked up the car today as we had seen a sing saying we could be up to 75 feet long. We are only 73 with the car. So I got to ride with Kent.

We saw sun about lunch and took off right after wards. We drove by more Redwood forests and climbed to about 1,900 feet in our travels today. These small hills are good as they wouldn’t have any snow on them. In fact we have had temperatures from 47-53 degrees today. I don’t mind that at all.

We are settled for the night in a place where we are dry camping, for those that don’t know that is without water, sewer or electric for the night. We are very snug and using our solar powered batteries to use the computer. Yeah for solar!

We will go down the road tomorrow around Sacramento, CA. We have gone east to avoid San Francisco. And so will be nearer to Sacramento instead. We will be dry camping for several night in a row as we make our way through California.

Now you know where we are for now.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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