Visiting Good friends in San Diego

We decided to go through southern California to visit some friends & supporters on our way through. We were hoping they would be available to visit since it is so close to Christmas. They were and we were so glad.

We drove our little car into San Diego to see Ross and Denise. We have been friends since 1975 when we all went to the same church in NJ. Also they were married the same year and month as us. So we even celebrated an anniversary together many years ago. They have also faithfully supported us for almost our entire missionary career. So we have lots of good memories with these friends. They also have a daughter and son. Their daughter is married and lives in Colorado.

Ross, Denise and Kent Dec 2010

We spent Saturday with them. We even got to take a walk on the beach but it was foggy as you can see. I still love the ocean though. This is Kent and Ross on the beach.

San Diego beach Dec 2010

We were able to attend church with them on Sunday and after church they took us to this pier in Oceanside where there was a 50’s style diner. We had great hamburgers and great fellowship. While we waited for our table there was a seal that was playing in the water near the pier. We saw several people fishing too. Fun!

Seal in water, Oceanside, CA Dec 2010

On Sunday it was just a beautiful sunny day.

Beach at Oceanside. CA Dec 2010

We even got a lady to take a picture of all 4 of us on the pier.

Ross&DeniseKent&Jan Dec 2010

We had a great time. These guys are special friends to us. We always look forward to the next visit too. Thanks for the visit, Ross and Denise!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Visiting Good friends in San Diego”

  1. Kara Moseley Says:

    We hit up that diner too in Oceanside last year when we were in CA. Fun times!


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