Visiting friends on their Orange Ranch

We also wanted to see some other good friends near San Diego. Warren and Jan have been friends since our days in Tennessee at Moody Aviation in 1978. They stayed with us for a short time while they looked for a place to live in Tennessee.

They have also supported us for nearly our whole missionary career. So they are long time friends too. Here they are with Warren’s mom and dad.

Warren, Jan, Warren's dad and mom Dec 2010

They have two boys that are both grown up and married as well. And two adorable grandsons. We had the privilege of meeting the grandsons and one daughter-in-law.

Allison and Dawson 2 1/2 year old

Allison and Dawson

Andy, Allison and Asher at 4 years old

Asher(back of) Allison and Andy Dec 2010

We also got a good look around their orange ranch. They have about 200 acres with Orange trees and 10 acres of Avocado trees. Believe me they know lots about oranges and avocados. Warren was raised on the ranch as his father and grandfather have lived here before him. It is so special to see this family line. And they all are believers in God. Pretty amazing and encouraging too!

Here are some pictures around the ranch. Let’s start at the front gate to their place.

Front gate of Lyall's ranch Dec 2010

Some mature trees

Orange Trees Dec 2010

And these are younger trees

Little baby Orange Tree Dec 2010

Here is a picture of the grove with Mt Palomar in the distance. Yes, that is the Mountain that has a huge telescope on it. Check it out at:

Orange Grove with Mt Palomar behind

Warren and Jan’s oldest son Andy helps them on the ranch.

Warren and Andy his oldest son

They recently installed solar panels to help run their water pumps for irrigation. There are a LOT of solar panels here. Neat to see how you can use the sun to help you out, right?

Lyall's Solar Cells Dec 2010

Isn’t the countryside here beautiful? We certainly enjoyed our visit with the Lyall’s Orange Ranch.

Mountains on the way to Pauma Valley, CA

Thanks for checking in with us!

Jan for the Roamimg Reimers

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