We found the SUN!!!

After being two months in the fall in the Northwest where is rained almost every day we did indeed rejoice in finding some sunshine!!! But it wasn’t until we go to southern California and now into the desert region of Arizona until we found sun. BUT we are very glad. We had been having so much moisture in our RV house that we almost needed to buy a dehumidifier! So we have been trying to deal with the results of so much moisture!

But before going on to Phoenix we stopped in the desert to go to a Mexican dentist to have our teeth cleaned and for Kent to get a crown. It is a significant savings to do it this way. We had a dentist that we had gone to before and liked his work. So we called and made an appointment and then parked nearby in the desert where it took only about 15 minutes to get to the dentist.

We parked near the border of Mexico and California and Arizona. We found a small place in the desert. We were parked with about 15 other RVers. The first day we were greeted by several of the others here and told they had a communal fire every night and invited to come and be a part of it. It is a very nice small group and we did join in the fire most nights. We find most Rvers to be very friendly.

We then drove on to Phoenix. A few weeks ago our dear friends here in Phoenix had spoken to our church leadership and asked if we could park our RV house for a short time at the church. We had been told that we would probably not be able to park at the college. We are so grateful that we can park here for a short time.

We had called our friends ahead of time and they met us at the church. We had such a nice greeting as we pulled into the church. Lots of people were here as there had been a dinner put on for the homeless in the area.

It is so nice to come to a place where we have been before to re-connect with friends. God had blessed us with good friends even though we are only here for part of year. We are here in the sun and no snow but we are very grateful to be here.

On Monday we went to the college and found out that we actually can park there again. We may have to move quickly if the college gets the permits and everything in order to build a baseball field. But for now we are again where we parked last winter.

Thanks for all of you who prayed for our travels and for those who visit us here sometimes.

Love to you from Jan and the Non-roaming Reimers today.

One Response to “We found the SUN!!!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    So glad you’re Non-roaming for awhile! The Lord will direct the future for all us RV’ers parked at SWC. Glad our future is in His hands and not ours.


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