We do pray that you all had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!!!

We are in Phoenix and not able to be with either of our children this year. As hard as that was we are so grateful for modern technology to be able to talk, AND SKYPE with them. We also talked with other friends and family. Everyone is doing well and we are so blessed to know Christ and the real reason for this season.

We had invited some friends of ours here in Phoenix to have dinner with us. Kent and I really enjoyed doing the dinner and then playing games with our friends Don and Kathy and Bill. They are all in our small group and we love each of them.

Bill Bennet, Don and Kathy Newkirk

We also have been thinking about our 36 Christmases together and all the many different places that we have celebrated Christmas. So I looked up some old pictures and scanned them in so you could see some of them. I hope you enjoy this walk through the past.


Here is one of me(Jan) when I was a little girl with my mom. I think this was in 1963.

Our family with Josh at 6 months living in SE Alaska

Josh at age 2 helping Dad shovel snow in 1982 in Alaska

While living in Ketchikan, Alaska Kara was born in 1982

Our family Christmas 1986 while living in Brazil

We came home from Brazil in 1988 and we were staying with Kent’s parents in Bellingham, Washington and had Christmas with them. I made these family stockings that we used over the years.

We have always also had lots of visits with good friends over the holidays. This couple Sam and Betty Blachly are such special people and great prayer warriors. This was in 1994 while living in Pennsylvania.

Josh and me in 1995 in our house in Pennsylvania

This is one of my favorite pictures of Josh and Kara for Christmas 1996.

Our family expanded with Teresa as Josh and Teresa were married in Sept 2004

And then Silas was born Sept 2005 ..This is Christmas in 2005 when Silas was 3 months old. We were living in Denver, Colorado then.

Silas laying in front of our Christmas tree in Colorado in 2005

Kent loves being grandpa to Silas..also in 2005

That Christmas in 2005 Kara introduced Nick to the family

Kara and Nick were married in 2006 in Denver and still live there. In November 2009 they invited our family to be together in Denver, Colorado for an early Christmas. What a special time we had

Kent and Kara made our traditional cookies Peppernuts

Silas was enjoying the snow in Denver

I hope you have enjoyed the fun Christmas memories that we have enjoyed looking at too. We are not having a White Christmas this year but we are still having a wonderful Christmas.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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