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Preaching in the desert

January 17, 2011

Actually it was more like a devotional but yes that is Kent speaking to a group of Christians in the desert. We left Phoenix on Friday and had planned to stop for a few days in the desert near the town of Quartzsite.

This is the time of year that people from all over the country flock to Quartzsite. What brings people here is the warm weather and the fact that there is a lot of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land that is free to camp on for 14 days at a time. There are hundreds or thousands of Rvs of all kinds that come and park here. they are scattered all over the desert and it becomes a little bit like a city.

We had wanted to have a quiet place for a few days and even though there are a lot of people here if you want privacy you can have it. It turned out that Kent found out about a group of Christians that belong to the came camping organization that we belong to. they were going to be parked her for a few days too. They needed a speaker and he was available and so we came. The people have been so nice and welcoming and we have enjoyed it.

We have to leave on Tuesday morning for our next conference and so we will be leaving the nice people behind but are moving on to others that we hope to encourage too.

We sat around the fire one evening and I was able to get some great sunset pictures. I love the desert in the winter. The sunsets are really beautiful. Enjoy them.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Flowers for the college

January 15, 2011

Kent and I have had our RV house parked at South Western College for most of the last month. Last year I planted and maintained flowers for the college in exchange for our site with electric, water and sewer. We had hopes of doing that again. So last Friday we bought 450 flowers for the college and I started in planting them. I love doing this and was really enjoying myself.

Here are the flowers waiting to be planted

Flowers waiting to be planted Jan '10

Here I am planting the flowers. The flower beds are looking much better.

Jan planting the flowers Jan '10

On Saturday afternoon we had the news that the college was going to build a baseball field and it would take out the RV park. So all of the volunteers living in RVs there would have to move to another location. This was fairly disturbing news to the volunteers but in light of the tragedy that had just occurred in nearby Tucson, it gave us perspective on it.

Kent and I already had a trip of nearly two weeks planned and so we were going to leave on Friday anyway. We just don’t know for sure where we will come back to after the two weeks. We know that the Lord knows these things and we are trusting Him for that. 3 other couples of RV volunteers for the college are all settled in a nice RV park not far from the college. So there is that possibility for us too.

In the meantime we are on a journey of trusting God for all these future things. Kent has been doing a ton of interviews of new candidates by phone. One couple we had over for a meal a few days ago. So God has work for us to do here and He knows all about all of these things. Kent even got to share the gospel with someone we just met the other day. May God keep working on her heart.

Thanks for all of you that stand behind us as we continue to serve the Lord here in Phoenix and the surrounding area. I hope to still be able to care for the flowers but God may have other things for us to do.

I do pray that God blesses you today as He has me.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

New Year’s weekend in the Arizona Mountains

January 8, 2011

More snow, yes we did finally see a bunch of snow. The higher elevations of Arizona saw a major winter storm on Dec 30th. We in Phoenix had a hard freeze and a few snowflakes. Our plans for New Year’s weekend were to be with two couples of dear friends.

So we drove with our friends Don and Kathy to the mountains. We stopped in the town of Payson for a break. We had seen about 12 inches of snow and it was snowing. We were told if we didn’t have chains or 4 wheel drive to turn around. We called our friends Wayne and Darlyne. Wayne drove down in his 4 wheel drive vehicle and got the 4 of us.

Wayne and Darylne have a cabin in the town of Strawberry. The elevation there is about 6,000 feet so they had even more snow. And we got low temperatures that night of 0 degrees. But we had no trouble getting through.

The view from behind their cabin

View from Gillows cabin

We had a great time together. We are all in a small group together and we are beginning to know these two dear couples. Wayne and Darlyne had brought along their 7 year old grand daughter Chloee. She delighted us all and we played games, played in the snow and talked with each other and especially to Chloee.

Kathy and Don had to leave on Saturday.

Don & Kathy and Chloee

The rest of us stayed until after lunch on Sunday. We went to Wayne and Darlyne’s church and enjoyed that. Kent and Wayne did a little snow shoveling.

Wayne and Kent showveling snow

Chloee enjoyed an icicle

Chloee enjoying and icicle

A winter wonderland

Winter wonderland Jan 2011

We drove back through the snow at first and it gradually disappeared from the hills around us.

We got back to our house about 5pm. We are saying goodbye here.

Grandma and Chloee

Kent with Wayne, Darlyne and Chloee

It was a fun and beautiful weekend. We are grateful for friends here to do these kinds of things with. And we certainly also enjoyed the beauty of the snow.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers