Preaching in the desert

Actually it was more like a devotional but yes that is Kent speaking to a group of Christians in the desert. We left Phoenix on Friday and had planned to stop for a few days in the desert near the town of Quartzsite.

This is the time of year that people from all over the country flock to Quartzsite. What brings people here is the warm weather and the fact that there is a lot of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land that is free to camp on for 14 days at a time. There are hundreds or thousands of Rvs of all kinds that come and park here. they are scattered all over the desert and it becomes a little bit like a city.

We had wanted to have a quiet place for a few days and even though there are a lot of people here if you want privacy you can have it. It turned out that Kent found out about a group of Christians that belong to the came camping organization that we belong to. they were going to be parked her for a few days too. They needed a speaker and he was available and so we came. The people have been so nice and welcoming and we have enjoyed it.

We have to leave on Tuesday morning for our next conference and so we will be leaving the nice people behind but are moving on to others that we hope to encourage too.

We sat around the fire one evening and I was able to get some great sunset pictures. I love the desert in the winter. The sunsets are really beautiful. Enjoy them.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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