Back in Phoenix

Kent and I are back in Phoenix from our little getaway in the desert. We had good time and got to see some friends we made last year and made some new friends.

We drove back to Phoenix last Friday and got settled into the RV park. the college will pay for us to stay here three months will I continue to volunteer for them. So that is a big praise for us as it helps us and the college too. And I like what I do for them too.

We are in a nice mobile home park community that has a few spots open for long term RVs. So we will be here until April. They have some really nice facilities too. There is a heated pool and hot tub, a nice laundry, work out room and the community is always having activities too. We do like it here. I will get some pictures and post them later.

Right away on Saturday we had a conference with local churches. It was an all day event. We had good speakers that challenged us spiritually too. There were 7 people from our church that went to it. That was fun. Kent and I had the WorldVenture display there and so we spent time at the booth as well as meeting lots of new pastors and catching up with some that we’ve known several years now.

These last few days we have had some very cold weather for Phoenix. Yes, it went down to below freezing. So…Kent and I had to cover my flowers. I spent one day finding enough coverings.

If you look closely you will see that some of these covers look very much like sheets. Yes, that is what they are. Actually we found that the single fitted sheet worked fairly well with putting a plastic container in the flower bed to keep the sheet from crushing the flowers.

Thankfully it looks like the cold weather is past. I am grateful that we don’t have to deal with the really bad weather that many of our friends and family are dealing with.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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