A wonderful visit with family

We had a wonderful 6 days with our son Josh, daughter-in-law Teresa and five year old grandson Silas. They are from Ann Arbor, Michigan and we had encouraged them to come and find the sun. We had wonderful warm weather for them and we had a great time together.

Josh, Teresa and Silas March 2011

We have a pool and hot tub at the place where we are currently parked. So every day we took Silas to the pool. Josh and Teresa got to enjoy it too.

Grandma and Silas in the pool

Grandpa in the pool with Silas

We went to a fun Train park and even had a ride on a smaller train. Silas liked that a lot. This park was really nice as it was free and had so much to do in it.

At the Train park

We had to get a picture in front of a Saguaro cactus. One day Silas practiced his counting by counting over 110 of these cacti on our drive. He learned that one is called a cactus but two are called cacti. Fun!

In front of a large and old Saguaro Cactus

We have a friend that let us borrow the use of his golf cart. Silas loved that as grandpa let him drive it some.

Driving a golf cart

Also we went to visit a special uncle of Kent’s that lives in Prescott, Arizona. Silas learned to love these dear family members and was even sorry to leave.

Visiting Uncel Mel and Chris

We sure were so glad they came for a visit and hopefully have sent them home with a little bit of sun on their skins but also in their souls…for they have certainly given us sunshine.

Here is Grandpa and Silas having fun.

Grandpa and Silas pose in cowboy hats

We are so grateful for their visit. Thanks Josh, Teresa and Silas!!! Come again anytime.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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