Today is our daughter’s birthday

Yes, the first day of spring Kara was born into our family. She is our second and last child. she was born while we lived in South East Alaska and on a gorgeous spring day. What a blessing she has been to us as parents and also to our family in general. From the first day Josh has loved his little sister.

We moved to Brazil right after her 2nd birthday. She started Kindergarten there.

We all enjoyed living in Brazil.

We moved back to the United States when Kara was 6. She has always loved sitting on her dad’s lap.

Kara’s determined spirit showed up very early and we constantly asked God to direct us as parents. At age 10 she started reading through her Bible each year. That first year her dad made a plaque for her wall to encourage her. It did. She has read through the Bible many times already in her life.

Kara graduated from High School in 2000.

She went off to college and her brother brought home a special treat…Teresa who he married in 2004.

Kara graduated from college and went to Bolivia to teach. She came home in the midst of serious political instability. Our church in Kansas City prayed her home. Kent and I were moving to Denver and Kara moved in with us. That was where she met Nick.

And they were married in Sept 2006.

Nick and Kara on thier wedding day Sept 06

Josh and Teresa had our dear Silas in 2005 and we all enjoy seeing and being with him as much as possible. Here we had a wonderful family time at Kara’s house in Nov 2010.

Kara and Silas Nov 10

We love this picture of us. Nick took this when our family was together.

Kara, Mom and Dad Nov 10

Kara and her dad have always been close.

Kara and Kent in WA mts Aug 2006

And I am so grateful that she and I are close even while far away in geographic distance.

Kara and Mom Oct 09

Kara you have been such a blessing in our lives and in the life of our family. We know that now you are blessing many other people in your work and life and ministries. We praise God for you every day. Happy birthday!

Lots of Love,


One Response to “Today is our daughter’s birthday”

  1. Mike Beldon Says:

    What a special young lady what a special day. Happy Birthday Kara


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