April Missions conference

We are flying for a trip to our supporting church in PA. It is special time to re-connect with this church. My mother lives about 3 miles away too and I am so looking forward at this time too. She turns 90 years old in a few weeks.

This church and people have meant a good deal to Kent and I over the years. I started attending this church as a teen. I came without any family going there but because a friend from high school invited me. I have always been grateful that she did and her family often gave me a ride to church.

Because of the Bible teaching I received there, I went on to Bible college which is where I met Kent and we both wanted to be missionaries and so my life has never been the same.

This church is where we got married.

May 16, 1975

Also the people were there to support us when our son was born two months premature and spent a month in the nearby hospital. This is also where we lived and ministered when we had to come home from Brazil a bit broken and in need of some tender loving care. They gave it to us.

Our kids were able to attend the christian school and got a good grounding in God’s word as well as a good education.

We are so grateful for the church’s support, prayers and gifts but most of all their godly friendships over these many years.

They have stood behind us for 33 years in missions ministry. But really they have stood behind me since I was about 15. Thanks so much for all the encouragement and prayers! May God bless you all.

Love, Jan

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