Back in Phoenix and something to think about.

Kent and I are back in Phoenix after almost two weeks in PA. We went for a missions conference at one of our supporting churches. We had a good conference. It was so good to connect with many friends and also my mother again. It was a special time and I do believe God used us in some hearts while we were there.

We had dinner on our Sunday there with some wonderful supportive friends. We have known these guys for over 30 years. They have been good friends but also pray for us regularly and support us in some many ways. These couples have stood by us in life and ministry and have been examples for us in their family lives and lives with God. We are always so grateful to spend more time with them.

Don and Millie
Millie and Don

Ed and Judy
Ed and Judy

Jack and Jean
Jack and Jean

Jan and Joyce. Joyce’s dear husband went to heaven a little while ago. We all miss him.

Joyce and Jan. Joyce's dear husband went to heaven a few years ago

We flew home on Saturday and because of some storms in the area of our layover city we ended up being delayed for 3 hours. That wasn’t so bad except that our bodies felt like it was 3 am when we arrived in Phoenix. We were pretty tired on Sunday. We were grateful to be home again.

We are back for our last few weeks here. Jan is working on the flowers and was moving cactus today as there will be some building changes on the campus. So she is trying to save some of these and in the process beautiful the campus more.

Kent is busy making calls to pastors and candidates. On Monday he did a seminar at a church about 2 hours away. That was so fun. There are only about 100 people in the church and 30 came for the missions meeting. That was an exciting response.

We also met a couple that is so sweet and godly. He was responsible for bringing us to their church. Later we spent the night with them. He told us that he was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2006 and it was stage 4. He looked so good. I was floored by his words. But I asked him…what are you doing differently in your life knowing that your time could be very short? Mostly he is making use of the time God has given him. Wow, shouldn’t we all be like that?

May God bless and use you today where He has planted you.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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