Saying goodbye again

Yes, I know many of you know how many times we have had to say goodbye…but I don’t think it gets easier…just more usual for us. We are saying goodbye to all of our friends here. Easter was a wonderful service and a great day but I cried through most of the service. I knew I was saying goodbye…

Last night we went out with our small group Bible Study group. We love all of these wonderful people and found it particularly hard to say goodbye. They are a support system here in Phoenix and we do love each of them.

Here are all of us. We are a fun group.

Bible Study group 2011

Little Chloee is our youngest member

Chloee and me at Easter

Our friends Don and Kathy. Kathy and I like to shop together. Fun!

Don and Kathy

Kent and Chloee and her grandpa “Zip”

Darylene and me

Well, we are now going to be “on the road” again for a bit. I will update as I am able to.

Love from the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “Saying goodbye again”

  1. Vicki Petty Says:

    Jan and Kent,
    We had a wonderful time getting to know you. I’m looking forward to reading of your adventures as you travel. Already anxiously waiting for your return. Prayers for travel mercies.


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