On the road this spring

We left Phoenix a few days ago and traveled to a place just north of Flagstaff. We parked on bureau of Land Management Land. It is free to park here for up to 14 days. We only wanted two nights.

There is such a sharp contrast in the weather from Phoenix at about 1.000 feet elevation and Flagstaff approximately 90 miles north of it at 6,800 feet. We are a bit north of that at 7,200 feet. The weather is quite different. We left temperatures nearly 100 degrees in the daytime and around 70 at night. Here we have only about 65 degrees in the daytime and it drops to 40 during the night. It is definitely only spring here. I have welcomed the change and we have enjoyed the nice pine forest around us.

We even were able to have a fire the first night. It was nice until a wind came up and chased us inside. But the wind has blown all day yesterday and so we didn’t even dare try for a fire.

We left that area and have been traveling most of the day. We have had several things that Kent has had to fix or get fixed in the past few days. We had a flat tire on the RV and that was near Flagstaff and so was easily fixed.

Today as we drove in the high winds our large slide(the living room and dining room one) started coming out. Kent watches these things as we travel and had noticed it.

We traveled to the next town which was on and Indian reservation and found a NAPA dealer. They had the parts we needed and allowed us to park on the parking lot and Kent fixed the problem. For those of you who are technical, a bolt that held the slide mechanism sheared off. Thankfully Kent was able to fix it in a short time and about 90 minutes later we were on the road again. I am sooo grateful for his wisdom and ability to fix things…especially today!

We are parked near a café tonight where we had some delicious pizza. As we were trying to get in a place out of the way, the cable for the back up camera tore lose and Kent is now trying to fix that. He just came in and has that fixed too! Praise God!

After all of these events…I thought. I do think we have had enough things go wrong for a long time. Right?! I should ask our prayer warriors to be praying for us for safety on the road. Please do.

We are in for the night and will turn in early as we traveled into a lot of wind today and feel all buffeted from it. But we are safe and grateful to the Lord for his provisions along the way today. No pictures today as the strength of our wifi is weak. I am glad to be able to get words on this blog tonight. I will try to show some of what we have seen later on.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

One Response to “On the road this spring”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Sooooooooo thankful for your safety and the ability of Kent to fix EVERYTHING! I’m very impressed! God is so good. Pray you are safe in Washington with NO WIND! At least we can thank the Lord no tornado appeared!!!
    Blessings to you from R & R


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