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Living and working at Camp SAMBICA

May 29, 2011

I can hardly believe that we have been settled for over a week now. We are in Bellevue, Washington. For any of you who know Microsoft, we are a few miles from their headquarters in a nice suburb of Seattle.

Our RV house is parked on camp SAMBICA grounds. SAMBICA stands for Sammamish Bible Camp. We are planning on being here for 5 months.

Here is our new location.

Our new location Summer 2011

Our first weekend here, Kent had a Finishers Project conference. So I went along to help him represent WorldVenture. It was a good and productive weekend. We met a neat couple that also has a love of Brazil and is wanting to go there and work someday. We even had dinner with them at a Brazilian restaurant. That was really delicious and fun!

Finisher's Forum in Seattle May 2011

After the weekend I met the staff and got busy working for SAMBICA. I asked to work outside on grounds and if they wanted flowers that I could help with that.. Well, there was much to do and so I got started right away.

Here is one area that I tackled first, as it is part of the entrance to camp. Here is what is looked like before I started.

Camp front corner before cleaning up

After the weeding

After picture of front corner of SAMBICA

That was done in one day, BUT then I needed to plant flowers. That took 3 days of planning, buying and planting. I am happy with the final result. I think I planted about 50-60 flowers in here.

Flowers at front corner Sum 2011

Another shot and you can see some lilies about the bloom in the left hand corner. I was glad they were there already.

Another pic of flowers Sum 2011

I am very happy with the results and now I need only to be watering and waiting for God to make them grow. Yeah!

Jan for the non Roaming Reimers at the present.

Our 36th wedding anniversary

May 18, 2011

Yes, we are celebrating our 36th Wedding anniversary “on the road.” It is quite amazing to think back to all the places we have been for our wedding anniversaries. When I think of our marriage as I do on our wedding anniversary..I can’t help but think of all the blessings God has poured out on us. Allow me to take you along a little bit of that journey.

Some of our history:
Kent and I met when my girlfriend Cheryl introduced us at Word of Life Bible Camp. She highly encouraged our relationship until each of us finally started writing. Yes, that was when we actually wrote letters! Phone calls were few and far between as we were very poor and calls were expensive. We dated long distance for a year including a summer where Kent was in Brazil and I was at a camp in New York. I went to study at the same college as Kent attended which was Philadelphia College of Bible. This was Kent’s senior year and my second year of college.

Here is a picture of our dating days.

Kent asked me to marry him on Christmas eve 1974. We got married that May a week after his college graduation. We were a bit ahead of the time and used a picture on our homemade wedding invitation. This is the picture we used.

We were married in Jan’s home church but had our pictures taken outside before hand in a garden.

We lived our first year in central New Jersey. Kent helped a church there and was able to get his private pilot’s license as well. At the end of that year, we moved to Tennessee for Kent to be able to get his pilot’s training at Moody Aviation.

In July 1978 Kent graduated from Moody Graduation.

Josh was born in 1980

Josh-July 1980-1 month old

Kara was born while we pastored and ministered in Ketchikan, Alaska

1985 Our family while we were living and ministering in Manaus in the Amazon region of Brazil

Kent and I traveled and recruited for GMU and we got a new prayer card made of this picture.

Our family has grown and we are very blessed. We are grateful for great in-laws and a wonderful grandson Silas, who is a delight. This is our most recent family picture taken in November 2009.

Reimer Family Nov 09

Our son-in-law Nick took this picture of us on Mother’s Day this year. We have changed a lot in all these years.


We are so grateful for all of these 36 years of marriage and the wonderful family God has given to us. May you feel encouraged by what God has done. We are grateful to God and many praying and encouraging friends along the way.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

This last week back on the road

May 14, 2011

Monday we left our daughter’s house. So I will try to catch you up with our travels. We drove from Denver back to Kent’s uncle’s place in Grand Junction, Colorado. We overnighted there and left Tuesday morning.

We like to drive slowly if possible not more than 200 miles a day. We like to leave around 9 or 10 am and stop by 2pm. That keeps us alert enough as we drive and get set up for the night before we are very tired. While we could have pushed to drive more and gotten to our weekend place more quickly, we opted to take our time.

We also like to find free places to park. With the solar power that Kent put on our rig we are very comfortable in our rig. So that makes it even better to park at these free spots.

Scenery along the way

Scenery in Utah

We climbed over a mountain and found SNOW at the top and cold temperatures.

More snow

Tuesday we drove to a Price, Utah. We ended up on the parking lot of a nice big WalMart. I ended up having about 2 hours to do some shopping which was fun for me too.

Wednesday we drove through some beautiful scenery on our way to Salt Lake City. We had a close call with several deer on this route though. We were so grateful to not have hit them, nor get hit from behind from other vehicles on the road. We always realize that these moments of safety are God’s protection on us and answers to prayers of those who pray specifically for us.

We drove on through Salt Lake City. We had decided to stop at Hill Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah. That is a short way north of Salt Lake City. It is free to the public and a very good air museum. Check out the site about it at:
We had our lunch there and then spent about 2 hours looking at the museum. We both felt it was very interesting! We do hope to go back there again.

Hill Areospace Musuem

Hill Aerospace Museum

Hill Aerospace Museum

We drove on to a truck stop at Brigham City, Utah. We found that they had a fairly level gravel parking lot behind the regular truck parking lot. Some trucks did join us too but we had a lot quieter night where we were parked. We had a nice long walk here too as there was a dirt road running along the highway.

Parked behind trucks at truck stop

The next morning we were able to dump our tanks and take on some fresh water. This was a special treat as this truck stop was much more helpful than most. We had bought fuel from them but it was still pretty rare thing for them to have these amenities.

So we were grateful to have an RV dump and fresh water in our tanks as we pulled out to drive on that day.

Thursday morning we took off and drove to Jerome, Idaho. We parked at a truck stop here also. We again found a country road to have a nice walk on and had good nights sleep.

Friday morning we packed up and got on the road a bit earlier. I was ready to get to our next destination.

Kent driving into Idaho farming country

We were to park for three nights at MAF headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. That is where we were parked all last summer. We have friends here we haven’t seen for a year and we were very excited to see them again. Kent also has cousins here that we were going to see again as well.

We arrived about noon. We got settled and then spent the afternoon cleaning and doing laundry and greeting the people that stopped by. It was so fun to be back here. Friday night our friends here had us with some others that we knew come for dinner. That was so much fun too!

Saturday we cleaned some more this morning as I needed to clean out the refrigerator. Since we do not have a frost-free refrigerator it has to be cleaned out fairly often. Kent worked on cleaning the outside of our rig. So now we are ready for the rest of our journey. Kent’s cousin and wife picked us up for a late lunch. We went to Sizzler’s Steak house and just sat and visited afterwards. We are here tomorrow as well. We are going to go to the church that we attended here last summer and then hang out with our friends. It has been a busy full week but very fun!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Having Fun with Kara and Nick

May 12, 2011

We had a wonderful visit with our daughter Kara and son-in-law Nick for the last week. It was a busy week for all of us.

Kara and I had Friday together too as she was able to take off that day. We started the day with a Mother-Daughter Manicure-pedicure. That was such fun…but I forgot to take pictures. Thank you Kara!!!

Kara has been doing more and more natural cosmetics. She has made her own laundry detergent and I do that too now thanks to her influence. We are both concerned with all the chemicals that go into these things. Lately Kara has broadened her ideas to deodorant and she wanted to try making her own lip gloss.

Kara showing her deodorant

Here are the ingredients: coconut oil, bees wax and shea butter.

We melted the bees wax and then added the coconut oil and shea butter. Once it is all melted Kara used a eye dropper to put it into the tubes. Actually pretty easy! It turned out good.

Kara demonstrating her lip gloss

Over the weekend we got to spend all day on Saturday together. It was such a nice day Nick drove us on a beautiful mountain drive called “Peak to Peak.” check it out at:
We stopped and got some pictures in the pretty spring colors. I love spring and enjoy the beautiful bright greens and other colors of spring.

Along the road on our mountain drive

Kara and Nick in the mountains

We ended the day with a very delicious East Indian meal.

We also got to be with them on Mother’s Day. We went to the church where we had attended when living in Colorado in the morning and saw some of our friends there. In the evening we went to church with Kara and Nick on Sunday night. We always enjoy being with their friends and we got to meet some new people.

In the afternoon Nick took some pictures of Kent and I while we were dressed up and again in the pretty spring colors.

Mother's Day 2011

Then we helped Kara and Nick with some small projects around their house. We helped them plant their tomatoes at their condo. Kara came up with a new idea plant a tomato upside down as you see advertised on TV.

Kara getting ready to plant her tomato

She put a hole in the bottom of a hanging planter and then squeezed a tomato plant through that hole.

Planting the tomato upside down

She puts the soil on top and then plants lettuce and basil seeds on that. It is like a salad in a bowl. Fun!

Planting the lettuce and basil seeds

Kent helped Nick hang the pot on their patio too. All done and watering the plants.

Check it out!

So you can see we had a great week with Kara and Nick. Thanks for all the fun guys!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers