Having Fun with Kara and Nick

We had a wonderful visit with our daughter Kara and son-in-law Nick for the last week. It was a busy week for all of us.

Kara and I had Friday together too as she was able to take off that day. We started the day with a Mother-Daughter Manicure-pedicure. That was such fun…but I forgot to take pictures. Thank you Kara!!!

Kara has been doing more and more natural cosmetics. She has made her own laundry detergent and I do that too now thanks to her influence. We are both concerned with all the chemicals that go into these things. Lately Kara has broadened her ideas to deodorant and she wanted to try making her own lip gloss.

Kara showing her deodorant

Here are the ingredients: coconut oil, bees wax and shea butter.

We melted the bees wax and then added the coconut oil and shea butter. Once it is all melted Kara used a eye dropper to put it into the tubes. Actually pretty easy! It turned out good.

Kara demonstrating her lip gloss

Over the weekend we got to spend all day on Saturday together. It was such a nice day Nick drove us on a beautiful mountain drive called “Peak to Peak.” check it out at: http://www.coloradodirectory.com/maps/peak.html
We stopped and got some pictures in the pretty spring colors. I love spring and enjoy the beautiful bright greens and other colors of spring.

Along the road on our mountain drive

Kara and Nick in the mountains

We ended the day with a very delicious East Indian meal.

We also got to be with them on Mother’s Day. We went to the church where we had attended when living in Colorado in the morning and saw some of our friends there. In the evening we went to church with Kara and Nick on Sunday night. We always enjoy being with their friends and we got to meet some new people.

In the afternoon Nick took some pictures of Kent and I while we were dressed up and again in the pretty spring colors.

Mother's Day 2011

Then we helped Kara and Nick with some small projects around their house. We helped them plant their tomatoes at their condo. Kara came up with a new idea plant a tomato upside down as you see advertised on TV.

Kara getting ready to plant her tomato

She put a hole in the bottom of a hanging planter and then squeezed a tomato plant through that hole.

Planting the tomato upside down

She puts the soil on top and then plants lettuce and basil seeds on that. It is like a salad in a bowl. Fun!

Planting the lettuce and basil seeds

Kent helped Nick hang the pot on their patio too. All done and watering the plants.

Check it out!

So you can see we had a great week with Kara and Nick. Thanks for all the fun guys!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

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