Our 36th wedding anniversary

Yes, we are celebrating our 36th Wedding anniversary “on the road.” It is quite amazing to think back to all the places we have been for our wedding anniversaries. When I think of our marriage as I do on our wedding anniversary..I can’t help but think of all the blessings God has poured out on us. Allow me to take you along a little bit of that journey.

Some of our history:
Kent and I met when my girlfriend Cheryl introduced us at Word of Life Bible Camp. She highly encouraged our relationship until each of us finally started writing. Yes, that was when we actually wrote letters! Phone calls were few and far between as we were very poor and calls were expensive. We dated long distance for a year including a summer where Kent was in Brazil and I was at a camp in New York. I went to study at the same college as Kent attended which was Philadelphia College of Bible. This was Kent’s senior year and my second year of college.

Here is a picture of our dating days.

Kent asked me to marry him on Christmas eve 1974. We got married that May a week after his college graduation. We were a bit ahead of the time and used a picture on our homemade wedding invitation. This is the picture we used.

We were married in Jan’s home church but had our pictures taken outside before hand in a garden.

We lived our first year in central New Jersey. Kent helped a church there and was able to get his private pilot’s license as well. At the end of that year, we moved to Tennessee for Kent to be able to get his pilot’s training at Moody Aviation.

In July 1978 Kent graduated from Moody Graduation.

Josh was born in 1980

Josh-July 1980-1 month old

Kara was born while we pastored and ministered in Ketchikan, Alaska

1985 Our family while we were living and ministering in Manaus in the Amazon region of Brazil

Kent and I traveled and recruited for GMU and we got a new prayer card made of this picture.

Our family has grown and we are very blessed. We are grateful for great in-laws and a wonderful grandson Silas, who is a delight. This is our most recent family picture taken in November 2009.

Reimer Family Nov 09

Our son-in-law Nick took this picture of us on Mother’s Day this year. We have changed a lot in all these years.


We are so grateful for all of these 36 years of marriage and the wonderful family God has given to us. May you feel encouraged by what God has done. We are grateful to God and many praying and encouraging friends along the way.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

2 Responses to “Our 36th wedding anniversary”

  1. Karen Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am very grateful to God that my son has such wonderful in-laws!


  2. Nicolas Moseley Says:

    That first picture is a D-O-O-O-O-Z-I-E. I cannot help but laugh at Dad’s “threads”.


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