Living and working at Camp SAMBICA

I can hardly believe that we have been settled for over a week now. We are in Bellevue, Washington. For any of you who know Microsoft, we are a few miles from their headquarters in a nice suburb of Seattle.

Our RV house is parked on camp SAMBICA grounds. SAMBICA stands for Sammamish Bible Camp. We are planning on being here for 5 months.

Here is our new location.

Our new location Summer 2011

Our first weekend here, Kent had a Finishers Project conference. So I went along to help him represent WorldVenture. It was a good and productive weekend. We met a neat couple that also has a love of Brazil and is wanting to go there and work someday. We even had dinner with them at a Brazilian restaurant. That was really delicious and fun!

Finisher's Forum in Seattle May 2011

After the weekend I met the staff and got busy working for SAMBICA. I asked to work outside on grounds and if they wanted flowers that I could help with that.. Well, there was much to do and so I got started right away.

Here is one area that I tackled first, as it is part of the entrance to camp. Here is what is looked like before I started.

Camp front corner before cleaning up

After the weeding

After picture of front corner of SAMBICA

That was done in one day, BUT then I needed to plant flowers. That took 3 days of planning, buying and planting. I am happy with the final result. I think I planted about 50-60 flowers in here.

Flowers at front corner Sum 2011

Another shot and you can see some lilies about the bloom in the left hand corner. I was glad they were there already.

Another pic of flowers Sum 2011

I am very happy with the results and now I need only to be watering and waiting for God to make them grow. Yeah!

Jan for the non Roaming Reimers at the present.

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