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Memorial Day 2011

June 1, 2011

We decided to drive north to Kent’s parents and help them over the holiday weekend. They had mentioned that we could help with mowing and I usually can find some weeding to do. We did go and worked hard for about 5 hours. They both are older and are still able to maintain themselves in their own home very well, but we were glad to be nearby to be of some help.

Mom and Dad Reimer Nov 2010

Mom had mentioned something about a Festival of Flags that would be held at the cemetery which is near them. We had never been at their house at this particular weekend so knew nothing about it.

Festival of Flags 2011

We are so glad that we were able to be there for this too. It was such a special thing. First there are over 1500 large American flags posted around the cemetery. that in itself was special but then on Memorial Day they have a very nice service to thank those who have served and for those currently serving. I have never been to anything like it and it was very moving. They also had free refreshments that we enjoyed.

Festival of flags 2011

As you can see most people decorated the graves of loved ones as well.

Decorated grraves

The crowd watches as the ceremony progresses

They had a bigger crowd than normal. Even with the possibilities of rain many came out to this special program.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as well. And for those that have served our country in the military, thank you! Freedom isn’t free and we deeply appreciate any one who has helped our country to remain free from tyranny. May God bless you!

Love , Jan for the Roaming Reimers