How do we deal with death when it comes our way? Many of us sort of expect that our grandparents will die before us. And yes we sort of think that our parents will go before us too. That seems like the way life should be…right? My poor mother though had to see 3 of her adult children buried before she was.

My nephew Christopher just passed away at age 30 on July 3rd because of a tragic car accident. It was so hard to suffer through a week of him being on life support and holding on to every word of the Drs and hoping and praying for a miracle. BUT his parents had to do what was the hardest thing I can think of for a parent to do…they had to give the word to take him off life support. How very, very hard! I felt so overwhelmed and I am not his parents… God was comforting me but what of my family and I was 3,000 miles away.

In the midst of this pain there were some blessings. First Chris’ parents were able to share Chris’ life with others through organ donation. Many people were helped in the midst of this tragedy. Also we now feel he was a Christian. What a relief to my heart when I heard that. BUT a 30 yr old isn’t supposed to die like this….and to leave behind a beautiful 7 yr old daughter. This has been one of the hardest things I have gone through…and I am just the aunt, not the parents. Please , please pray for his parents and Hayle his little girl. This Tuesday, July 19th would have been Chris’ 31st birthday. It will be a very hard day.

Here is a picture of Chris’ parents: my brother Harvey, my sister-in-law Sharon and Hayle Chris’ 7 year old daughter. This picture was taken at my mother’s funeral which was on June 16th. So it was a lot of losses in this month.

God continues to “hold” me and my family too. THANKS for all who have prayed for us in the time of deep grief. May you appreciate all the time you have with your lvoed ones.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

I was given this picture of Chris and Hayle from my sister-in-law a few weeks after his death.

Chris and Hayle

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